You’ve Set Up Your Internet Business… What Next?

Don’t Make the Same Mistakes that 90% of Online Business Newcomers Do

So, you’ve taken that first important step and plunged into the world of online home based business opportunities.

Your new site is shiny, brand new and waiting to rake you in $1000s on auto-pilot – or so you thought.

What you may or not have been told, when you had your business set up, is that you will actually have to do some work. Yes! That’s right! WORK!

More importantly you have to make a plan and stick to it.Mom on Computer

If you weren’t told this before you bought or maybe chose to believe that, just this one time, what appears to good to be true, really is, then why wasn’t it made clear?

In my opinion, the reason there is so much hype in sales is because, unless prospective buyers are spoon fed an ‘easy dream’ they will simply click over to the next website that promises that fairy tale.

Just as you get the government you deserve, you get the hyped up sales pages too.

OK, now that we’ve gotten real about the fact that you will have to work and make a plan, what are practical solutions to make that happen.

If you adapt certain practices ad principles in your online business, you will significantly increase your chances of success. In fact, these are the same strategies that I use in my own business. If you use then, I believe you CANNOT fail.

Below I am going to list some of the dos and don’ts of succeeding with your online work at home business.

The DOs

  • Set a Budget – This is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your future success online. One of the greatest complaints I get from my team members and down-line is that they have spent a fortune, with nothing to show. Put aside a weekly or monthly amount to invest in marketing and developing your new business and DO NOT – under and circumstances – stray over that budget.You have only yourself to blame if you run out of cash.Note: There are many free marketing methods you can employ in those times when the cash-flow is low.
  • Do Little and Often – It is extremely unlikely that any one action is going to catapult your Internet business to success. It is the little things done on a daily basis – or as often as you can manage – that build momentum and eventually increase traffic to your site and subsequently drive sales and commissions. Persistence is key.
  • Build an Email List – By adding an email opt-in form to all the pages on your website you can keep in touch with visitors who would have otherwise been lost had they clicked away from your site. Granted, only a small percentage will offer their email address, but this number can quickly grow to 1000s of subscribers. This can mean years of future commissions and sales for every broadcast email you send to your subscriber list.
  • Content is Still King – It isn’t good enough to stuff your site with articles written by someone else which have likely already been syndicated to numerous other websites. Google is getting better and better at recognising such sites and giving them little to no relevance in their search results. You MUST add unique, relevant content to your site regularly. Whether you write this content yourself or pay someone to do it for you, make a start and keep at it.
  • Keep Track – You absolutely need to know which actions you are taking are paying off – driving targeted visitors to your website. Every time you post an ad make sure you can track how many click you get from this campaign. When you are marketing in many different areas it becomes more and more difficult to keep abreast of traffic sources. I use a company called Linktrack to track my links.You can also use Google Analytics for free. This will give you comprehensive breakdowns of your website traffic sources.It is virtually pointless to engage in any marketing if you can’t track results.
  • Use Marketing Software I have spent $1000s over the years on software to help me market my websites. This will save you many hours and is potentially a great investment. An example of such software is Bookmark Demon. It isn’t cheap but this software help mes build hundreds of backlinks to my site – virtually on auto-pilot.
  • Outsource Your Work – Use part of your monthly budget or profits to outsource your work. Not all of us can manage the tasks that can help really flesh out our web business. Outsourcing is a way to help things along – if you can afford it. For example you could pay someone to write top quality articles for your blog.You can pick up some great deals on unique articles at the Warrior Special Offers section.



  • DO NOT Overspend – No matter how promising a sales pitch may sound, do not buy it – unless the purchase falls within your monthly budget. If you continue to spend before you bring in some profits from your web business, you WILL eventually fail – you will give up. Or even worse, your significant other will put a stop to your online activities altogether. Don’t make the mistake of believing you can spend your way to success.
  • DO NOT Jump Between Opportunities – Choose your business carefully and stick with it. You need to make a commitment to give your new business at least 9 months to a year – following the principles above – before you even think of moving on.Moving on to a new venture before you have given the first enough time, and effort, to produce results, usually means starting all over again, minus your spent cash and valuable time.
  • DO NOT Give Up – It stands to reason that the only one who can fail your business is YOU – by throwing in the towel. It can be tough and very frustrating making money on the net, especially in the early days, but if you give up you will never know the freedom that comes from making a good living from the net.

The above is just a brief run down of some – if not the most important – aspects of making money online. I encourage you to contact me with any questions, by using the contact form at the link below or by using the comments section of this post(Below).

If you have read all of the above, understand the reality of what it takes to succeed and are willing to give it an honest go, then I’d love to have you as part of my downline team. Click here to discover my top recommended Internet business start up opportunity and seriously consider coming on board with me as your mentor.

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