Number One Top Reason Why People Fail to Build a Successful Work at Home Business

There is only one EVER reason I see that people fail to make a success of their online home businesses and that is that they GIVE UP!

Why is this and more importantly what can be done to stop it?

I think one of the main reasons that they give up is that they come into this business with unrealistic ideas of what it takes to succeed. They believe the hype that they read on the net and they fall for the dream. Like the saying I heard recently ‘The American dream, you have to be asleep to believe it!’ 😆 Think about it!

In defence of copywriters all over the world, if the sales pages of the latest info product didn’t contain hyped up langauage then likely very few people would purchase. That’s sad but true!

Most web surfers looking for a new home business are fascinated by the idea of overnight riches. The copywriters know this. So, they use language that triggers certain emotions that has you reaching for your wallet or checkbook.

Of course the reality if mostly way off the expectations in the newcomers’ mind. So, inevitably when the instant riches fail to materialise the disillusioned, wannabe work at home entrepreneur, moves on to the next latest super duper system that is going to make their fortune. And so it goes until they finally give up in total disgust and bitterness – for some at least.

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If you are realistic about setting up your own work at home business then you must be prepared to treat it like a real business. You MUST realize that there is work and planning to be done.

Those that do stick at this business, who set out a plan, a budget, and who work diligently towards their goals DO find success.

Many of the people who do fail just don’t stay at it long enough and unfortunately, all too often, throw in the towel when success is just around the corner.

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