Ten Years Ago I Started My Online Business

And I’ve Loved Every Minute…

I started back in 1999. I bought my first PC in 1998. That cost me over $2000, and took up much of the space in our small kitchen house. It only had 3.2 GB hard drive. You could likely fit that much space on a postage stamp today:-)

Around a few months after setting up online, I remember wondering if it would be possible to actually make money on the net. After all, the market was huge. There were millions of people online. There had to be ways to make a living a living from this relatively new phenomena. The idea had ever occurred to me before that.

I can’t remember the exact search terms I used, but I think I typed the words “Make Money from the Internet” into Yahoo(Google hadn’t even been conceived) and came up with some results.Make money online

I couldn’t believe it! There were actually people claiming to be making a fortune from there own Internet based businesses. The first program I ever joined was a ‘Get Paid for Clicks’ program called “All Advantage”. I think the sum total of my earnings for that was around 56 cents 😯

Then the BIG one came, I joined a program called Smallbizffa and made my first sale by spamming the Yahoo classifieds 😯 . The first sale netted me $8. I basically went through the listings of all those who had posted an ad and emailed them with my opportunity. OK, before you start building the scaffold, I didn’t know any better and hadn’t even heard or read the word ‘Spam’ at that stage.

This was a ‘BIG’ moment because once I had made some dollars, it wasn’t a big stretch of the imagination to realize that if I could do it once I could do it over and over again. $8 wasn’t much less than what I was being paid per hour in my day job, and here I was earning it for posting a few emails.

The first check I ever received was for $25 – or maybe it was $28 – from Clickbank. At that point I was absolutely hooked. You will be too, once you receive that first check. When that first payment reached my bank account, the ‘idea’ to make money from home had actually become a reality. There was no going back!

One of the first things I did was set up my own domain and website, Freeadvertz.com. Put ‘www.workathomebusinesssuccess.com’ into this domain age tool and you’ll find that this site is 8yrs and 11 months old: Domain Age Tool

I had originally intended to promote free advertising methods from this site. My way of doing this, which unsurprisingly wasn’t very successful, was to slap a load of banners and text ads on a page and send traffic to it. I still see people doing that today. I did work then and it certainly won’t work today!

I then proceeded to spend $100s trying to capitalise on my earnings and didn’t really get anywhere, fast. Does that sound familiar?

My first big break came when I joined Stone Evans’ Plug in Profit Site. I was AMAZED at the concept of this program and in the first weeks actually emailed Stone begging him to let me copy his system. He politely refused! 🙂 . Here was a way to actually promote ONE website and build 5 or 6 income streams.
Work at Home Today
From that point on, I began to promote the Plugin Program as an affiliate. That is when I started to earn some real good money, and it was residual too. I would get paid month after month, for a one time effort. Wow!

Stone made me a moderator at his Plug In Profits forum, not long after starting his program. I moved from strength to strength. I learnt more in a few months from Stone than I had learnt in years previous to that point, not directly but by following the example set by him and some other successful Internet marketers.

Since then I have left my offline job as a hospital clerk and now work full-time from home. I’ve also added quite a few income streams to my monthly earnings. Some only bring in a few dollars per month, but they all add up to a nice earner;-).

It took me around five years in all to get to that stage, mainly because I was running from pillar to post, without any sensible direction.

Today, I am able to help others avoid making the mistakes I made. Starting up a home based business is doable when you are given the proper guidance. If you go it alone then you are likely to be overwhelmed by the amount of information out there. It’s much worse now than ever. Each new program promising to be the ONE.

Every penny I have ever earned to date, began with taking that first step.

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