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Here’s a Quick Rundown of the Basics of Internet Marketing and Making Money Online

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Helen Asks:

I don’t think I understand this whole concept, could you narrow it down for me? What exactly do I have to do and why? Do I have to pay for anything? How will I make money out of this? If I do make money is it you that puts it in an account for me? How does this all work?


This is a very good question as the majority of newcomers arriving at a site like mine, detailing Internet home businesses, haven’t really got a clue what it’s all about.

Let me break the question down into sections as there is a lot to cover:

What exactly do I have to do and why?

That depends on what you want to achieve. Working from home online can be something you do part-time to make a few extra dollars, or as a full-time endeavour as it is for me.

If you want to make extra income then you would need to take action. I wouldn’t expect anyone to do that without at least some info. It’s important to remember though that you could continue to read online for the rest of your life and never take a step forward.

The simplest thing you can do to get started is register a domain name(This is your business name, ie. and hosting account(This is the web server that hosts your website). You can get a domain name for around $8 per year and domain hosting for as little as $5 per month.

Click here to get a domain hosting and a website set up by me.

Once you have a website then you need to add some content. If you set a website up based on your interests then it will be easy to write content for this. Plus, you can find loads of content online with publishing rights that allow you to post it on your site.

How will I make money out of this?

There are literally 100s of legitimate ways to make money online and 1000s of different companies. For instance, you’ve heard of Google, right? Well Google will pay you dollars for putting their advertisers’ ads on your site and it doesn’t matter what the site is about.

So, if you were to set a site up and write about your favourite hobby you could put Google ads on it. You get paid every time someone clicks on the link on your site. Google matches the ads to the content on your site, so that more people click through.

So, online advertisers pay Google for ad space and Google give you a % of that revenue, if you put their ads on your site. Google’s partner program is Google Adsense, if you want to find out more about this.

You can get a step by step guide on making money with Google Adsense at the link below:
===>>>Adsense Masters Course

Another way you can get started is in affiliate marketing. I am an affiliate marketer. That means I sell other people products and they pay me a % of whatever I sell. The product or service owners take care of the product delivery and after sales support. All I have to do is refer visitors to a special site they set up for me, identical to their own sales page, BUT tagged with my affiliate ID.

That way, they can track sales referred by me. They send me a check each month for all the sales I make. Some affiliate programs will give me as much as 75% of the total sale just for referring people to their sales page.

Most companies that sell products online have an affiliate program. have one of the biggest. You can find affiliate programs for products relating to 1000s of different topics. So you can set a site up on anything you like and sell other peoples’ products from this site for a commission.

Clickbank is probably the best place online to find products and services that you can sell as an agent or affiliate. You can get a free account here.

Once you have progressed online you may want to create your own product but I wouldn’t worry about that yet. It is also possible to sell resale right products. These are products that product owners have given you or sold you the rights to sell. Many of the products I sell are resale rights products.

I have never created my own product for sale yet. I make a full-time income from home and $1000s per month.

Do I have to pay for anything?

You could make money online without spending a cent BUT, what you don’t spend in cash you will pay in time.

For instance, if you had a site you could write an article and submit it to many article databases by hand in order to promote it. This would work! You would get exposure for your site and if you do it often enough you would get lots of search engine visitors.

I prefer to pay $37 per month for a service called Submit Your Article that will send to 100s of databases for me. Understand?

Affiliate programs will also give you a website free of charge with which you can promote their products. You could promote this site all over the net though and if the company goes bust all your work will be in vain.

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That’s why I always recommend you get your own site. You can still promote affiliate products but you will promote your own business primarily and any sales of the affiliate products will come through your own site.

I personally would not recommend anyone to go the free route. Online business, like any business requires investment. So, I ask you, would you expect to setup a business offline without spending money? Well, online business is similar although the start up investment is much, much lower.

If I do make money is it you that puts it in an account for me?

If you do make money through ‘affiliate marketing'(discussed above), then the product owners of the products or services you sell will send you a check at the end of every month or sooner.

Some product owners also pay through, which is an online bank account. With Paypal you get paid to the online account and then can transfer the money to your own bank account.

Other companies, usually just the very large ones, will pay straight to your bank account.

Any money I make through Google Adsense(also mentioned above) is paid straight to my bank account by Google.

If you were selling your own products or services you can set up order links through which will allow people to pay you straight to this account. Again, is another option, which take orders from your affiliate sales – then pays you and the merchant – after taking a small %.

How Does all This Work?

Well I believe I have explained that above. It’s a start anyhow.

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