Building Your Opt in Email List

This Should Be One of Your Main Priorities in Internet Business

Unless you’ve been hiding in a box, you’ve read it somewhere online that ‘the money is in the list’ and that ‘lists are a gold-mine’ but what exactly are the reasons that Internet and affiliate marketers put so much importance in building a list of optin subscribers?

There are a number of reasons why anyone who plans to be successful in this business should start from day one by collecting the names and email addresses of their website visitors.

The most obvious one is that when you have a persons details in your database you can email them over and over again to send them back to your site – until they unsubscribe.

Most online marketers use an Autoresponder service like Aweber or Getresponse to send occasional broadcast emails to their readers. Or as an alternative they will setup a web script to collect and email their subscriber list. I personally use Getresponse.

Another reason for growing a list is to give you the opportunity to grow a relationship with your readers. One of the big reasons your web visitors don’t buy on their first visit to your site is because of a lack of trust. Whey prospects are added to your list then you have months and sometimes years to build up that trust, which will eventually lead to a sale.

I recently noticed that a visitor to my site did not buy my blog set up service until the 21st visit. This is not unusual.

Autoresponders will also allow you to personalize each email so that the reader – unless they are accustomed to how email marketing works – will feel that they are being emailed as an individual and not part of a wider group of people.

The most successful email marketers make the reader feel that they are being addressed individually even when they KNOW they are on a list. That’s the personal touch that every Internet marketer strives to implement into their business.

With an email list you don’t have to rely on big search engines like Google and Yahoo to send you traffic. You maintain control through owning your own list, sending them frequent tips, ideas and offers, and continually sending them back to your business website.

Sending frequent offers to a large list can yield a full-time income in and off itself. That’s apart from any direct sales made through a sales website.

Email marketing is also very enjoyable. It’s fantastic for me to receive feedback and comments from my list of subscribers. It shouldn’t be all one way communication.

Anyone who enters the Internet marketing arena and is not already building a list of targeted email subscribers should make this a big priority. They are leaving a lot of money on the table by neglecting this very important aspect of doing business online.

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