What is the Pips Powergroup?

I came across this question recently on the Warrior forum and I’m gonna answer it here.

The Pips or Plugin Profit Site Power Group is a mentoring program set up by Ken Troyer to help those members of Stone Evans’ program who are struggling to make a buck online.

I have been a member of the Plugin profit site since 2003 and am also one of the mentors chosen by Ken to help make the new PIPS Powergroup work.

The problem with starting any online business, Pips or otherwise, is that most people just don’t know how to proceed once they’ve got their website online. Getting online is actually the easy part, marketing your site is where the real work comes in.

Another major factor where a lot of newcomers run into difficulty with the plugin profit site is that they spend a fortune within the first month or two and end up feeling disillusioned plus a lot more in debt with little or nothing to show for it.

That where the Powergroup comes in. We have been showing plugin profit site owners how to effectively curb their spending down to a minimum amount and even more importantly how to drive traffic to their sites using tried and tested methods of internet marketing.

We are also their to help and encourage our membership step by step. There is a big, big difference between going it alone in affiliate marketing than being guided by 6 seasoned pros.

The Pips powergroup has an online discussion forum plus loads of free resources to help members get a better grasp of the Plugin profit site and general internet business.

The discussion forum is the mainstay of the business concept. This allows members to come and ask questions of the mentors, including myself, either privately or in the open forum where they are always sure to get an honest, forthright response.

You can’t put a price on having the ability to go somewhere to get genuine, honest guidance in this manner. I personally would have saved myself $1000s and years of frustration had I people to turn to that could offer some solid help and support.

We aren’t like any other forum though. Because this is our business and our members have invested their time and money in us, we are obliged from a business standpoint to make sure that our members succeed.

Sure, I participate in other discussion forums but there is no way I’m gonna put in the time and effort that I do into our Powergroup. This stands to reason. The Pips Powergroup is now part of my online business, as it is with all the other mentors, so it will certainly get our full attention.

This business is just like any other legitimate enterprise. There are no shortcuts or secrets. If you want to succeed online then you need to realize that it takes hard work plus loads of persistence to make it.

This is a mindset we keep hammering through in the Pips Powergroup forum but more importantly we are there to ensure that are members are given proper support and knowhow to finally make a living online.

The little things done over and over again are what eventually lead to online success.

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