SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Whenever a person searches for something through a website such as Google, that search engine is looking for specific things when deciding which websites it will show you and in what order you’ll see them. SEO is adjusting websites so that they have all of the things that the search engine looks for and comes up at the top of that list.

Keywords are the top priority when it comes to search engines. People can look for the same product by using a variety of keywords. A person might be trying to find a locket and can search for it under a variety of subjects like locket, silver locket, gold locket, cheap locket, and many others. Websites that want to increase their traffic will find a way to incorporate all of those keywords into their site so it will always be on the top of the list. In some cases a website can just have links to each of those selections. Other times a website will include articles that contain useful information relating to the keyword that has the keyword in it. That’s how they draw people in initially.

The amount of traffic a website gets also contributes to how high on the list it will come up in search engine results. While keywords can get a website a lot of extra traffic, having links to their website on other websites will increase traffic flow thus increasing their place on the results. A search engine will think that a website is a better result when a lot of people click on links that go to it. Put these two techniques together and that’s the basics of what Search Engine Optimization is.

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