In Article Marketing – What is an Article Resource Box?

The resource box which can also be called the Author bio is simply the sentence or two of text, plus usually a link or two, added to the end of your article to point readers back to your website and also to tell them a little about yourself.

Here is one of my recent resource boxes which goes out at the end of my article:
Article resource box

Click the link below to see the article live on Ezine articles:
Article with Resource Box

Article marketing is a great way to send targeted visitors to your main business website and also boost your search engine rankings for your main keyword phrases.

As you can see above I have added a simple resource box to the end of my article to implement both strategies. If you like you could use both links to add your main keywords. The ‘Click here now’ link though is likely to increase your click through rate more-so than a keyword link would.

It’s also a good idea when writing articles to NOT give all the information needed in the article. The article is meant to serve up a ‘teaser’ – so to speak – to entice the reader to click through to your own site from the article directories.

Once you have written your article – or paid someone to write it for you – you need to submit it to the article directories. I use Submit Your Article submission service to submit my articles to 100s of databases.

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If you don’t opt to use a submission service you could submit manually. Make sure to submit to at least the directories below:
Idea Marketers
Internet Home Business Articles
Article Alley
Articles Factory

The magic thing about submitting to directories is that ultimately other website owners will pick up your articles and publish them on their sites. They are required to keep your resource box intact if they wish to republish articles.

It’s quite possible to send 100s or even 1000s of targeted visitors to your site from one article. So, time to get out there and start publishing some of your knowledge!

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