What Are the REAL Costs of a Typical Online Work at Home Business?

One of the Best Kept Secrets is How Much You’re REALLY Gonna Spend!

What Are the REAL Costs of a Typical Online Work at Home Business?

What you won’t hear or read a lot of the times when searching for a legitimate online work at home opportunity is EXACTLY what the costs are going to be.

Most Internet marketers keep this deliberately vague. They want to hook you in, firstly under a free or low cost offer, and then drip feed more and more costs as you continue in their programs.

I think many savvy would-be entrepreneurs are getting wise to these strategies though, and to be frank I am sick and tired of these tactics myself. It would be nice to have it laid on the line at least occasionally and that’s what I intend to do with this post.Plug in Profit Site demo

People need to be treated with respect and not just as consumers. If you are anything like me then you don’t like being bullshitted and deserve to have the costs detailed, so that you can make an informed decision and budget accordingly.

If you are really serious – like I am and always have been – then the costs will be seen as an investment in your financial future, and ultimately should not deter you from moving forward towards your goal of a full-time income from home.

My all-time favorite Online Opportunity is Stone Evans Plugin Profit Site but it too comes with costs. Stone does offer a lot of value and it is a great way for newcomers and seasoned online opportunists to make a great income online, but it’s important that my website visitors are not misled by FREE signups and enticing emotional, buzz-word leaden, web copywriting.

The AMAZING thing too about Stone Evan’s offer is that he will set up a complete money making system for very little start-up costs – basically just the price of a domain name and hosting account. You don’t even have to sign up for the majority of the programs below to get that – plus ALL the bonuses. That’s the TRUTH!

That said, if you really do wanna make a good income then you WILL want to maximise the commissions that you get out of the program. Don’t go at this half-heartedly. If you’re going to do it then you might as well go full steam ahead and signup for whatever you can afford.

In all the Plugin Profit Site contains FIVE core programs – FIVE Ways for You to Earn an Income from One Website.


SFI is FREE to join but as soon as you get a FREE account you will find that unless you can start recruiting and making sales immediately there will be costs to keep you qualified for maximum commissions each month. I would usually encourage my downline to set up a standing order to subscribe to IAHBE which will cost $32.95 per month.

7 Minute Workout

You can join & Minute Workout for an initial $1 cost but after 10 days you will be billed $9.97 and will continue to be billed this amount for as long as you remain a Plugin Profit Site member.

GVO (Host Then Profit)

Again you can join GVO for $1 but you will be billed $9.97 after one week and will continue to incur this charge monthly for the duration of your membership. GVO is the only program that you MUST join in order to have your Plugin site set up. Let me warn you though. If you do sign up for only GVO you MUST put all MY affiliate IDs in the Plugin Profit’s application form. That means when someone signs up for any of the other programs through your site, I get the credit. Personally, that’s why I’m a fully paid up member of ALL the Plugin Profit Site core programs.

Dot Com Secrets X

Dotcom secrets is yet another $1 initial signup but after 30 days you will be charged $97 per month until cancellation. That’s a big cost for many people but in my experience well worth the investment because of the return on investment both in terms of your online marketing education and overall profits.

Empower Network

Empower Network is entirely optional just like 3 of the other programs but a great way to maximise your commissions as you do really get 100% commissions on anyone who signs up through your link. This is taken straight from the Plugin Profit Site web page “The cost to join Empower Network is $25. You also need to pay $19.95 to activate your affiliate payment gateway that pays you 100% commissions on all the Empower Network products. It is not required to join Empower Network to sign up for the Plug-In Profit Site service today, but it is highly recommended in order to maximize how much you can earn from this system.”

Empower Network also offers other products from which you will earn a commission but they do incur higher costs. They offer 4 additional products that you can upgrade to and then earn commissions on if your referrals buy those products. The next product is $100 per month and pays you $100 per month. The next product is $500 (not recurring) and pays you $500 for your direct referrals, the next product is $997 (not recurring) and pays you $997 for your direct referrals. The top-tier product is $3,500 and pays you $3,000 for your direct referrals.

I HAVE NOT bought all the products but will eventually buy them to maximise my earnings. I started off with the $25 and $19.95 per month affiliate payment gateway and will upgrade to the $100 per month product once I get a couple of monthly commissions under my belt.

So, what are the overall costs to maximise your commissions in the Plugin Profit Site without having to re-mortgage your home:)(I jest).

I would NEVER ask anyone to do something that I haven’t already done or be prepared to do myself. I have joined ALL the programs above! WILL YOU?

Putting aside the Empower Network higher end products – opening my trusty PC calculator – you would pay initial costs of $3 EXCLUDING Empower Network and $28 including the initial $25 cost of Empower Network. If you remain in the Plugin program and want to MAXIMISE your earnings you would pay $169.84 PER MONTH. Remember, that is your TOTAL costs per month to start up a legitimate and full-functional, effective and profitable, work at home business.

I kid you not. If you can afford these costs and are committed to doing a little work to get the word out there about your new business, and refer other people, then you will quickly recoup your investment. The sky is the limit to how much you can earn. Are you committed to taking this business seriously and putting forward an initial monthly cost?

Compared to an offline business the money you need to invest in your new online business is pittance. An offline venture would likely run into $1000s per month – not to mention the headache of employing staff, paying for electricity, heating, product procurement and many other costs.

Above, I have done my best to be really honest about what is required. The reason I do this is because secretly I KNOW that there are many people out there who ARE willing to make an investment, if they are fairly sure they have a fair shot at being successful.

With the Plugin Profit Site you have more than a fair shot. You have a REAL chance at making a full-time income from home. I should know. I have done it.

So Click the link below, make your decision and signup today. What you waiting for? I’m standing by to answer any questions you may have. Click the contact link below my picture. You are NEVER going to find a better opportunity. You know the costs. Let’s get started today!

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