Sometimes I Get a Great Boost for My Efforts – None Moreso When Someone Benefits Directly from My MarketingWork at home offers

One of my team members, Richard Hobart has got a brand new upgraded member of his team. Richard TOOK ACTION and already his decisiveness is paying off!

This member was sent to him directly through my advertising on this site.

I have to say I was VERY surprised that the leads I sent are beginning to pay off so soon but it does happen.

Richard is $25 richer today plus he will get paid a commission every month for as long as his new team member remains with My Word Plus.

If you’d like to grab one of the few remaining spots on my team then you must do so NOW. I’m removing this offer tonight at midnight. I had originally aimed for 10 members. Today I have 7. I’m now prepared to move on with 7 team members.


If you’d like to grab one of those spots this is your LAST chance.

For those on my frontline team of which you are being given an opportunity to join, they will be sent leads through my efforts. Even if you did nothing, some of those leads will upgrade earning YOU $25 PLUS residual income each time an upgrade occurs. I discourage DOING NOTHING, but it would happen regardless of your efforts or lack thereof.

I think MANY are misunderstanding this opportunity. IF I had been given a chance like this a few years ago I would have fallen over myself to grab it.

Get in now or lose out. I BS you not. This is the last time I will post to recruit my frontline. From tomorrow on I rotate my leads to those below me.

Here’s how you can grab a spot now before it’s too late:

My Previous offer of placing Pre-enrollees in the teams of my downline has now closed as I have reached my goal of 10 frontline members. Please Click Here for my latest offer concerning MWP

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