When you are setting up your website, even though you’ve got everything setup and nicely designed, your mission is not over. The real work kicks in, and that’s ensuring that you get targeted visitors to your website. You can have the most beautiful website, but with no visitors, you surely won’t be making any money. To resolve this issue, you can try implementing these few steps.

Step #1: Always ensure your website is well optimized to rank high in the search engines. To do this, you should ensure that at the design stage, your website has clean code. What do I mean by clean code? It’s simple. It is best to design your site “tableless”. To do that, you should try to have your design based off of CSS instead of building your site using tables. A CSS based site, gives the search engines easy access to the real content of your website.

Step #2: On site body optimization is critical to getting organic search engine traffic. Before hand, you should have a general idea of what keywords you are targeting for your website. These are the words that relates best to your business. You will need to ensure you have your actual “text based” content written towards the keywords you selected.

Step #3: Building links is essential for not only your traffic, but for your overall rankings in the search engines. The more quality back links you can get for your website the better. To do this, you can start by having your site submitted to web directories, along with doing some social bookmarking.

Step #4: If you are looking for paid ways to promote your website, then you can try Pay Per Click. Google Adwords is by far the most popular pay per click option available. You can drive targeted traffic to your website using Google Adwords. Other options are Yahoo Search Marketing, along with Microsoft Ad Center.

Step #5: Forum marketing is another great option for building traffic to your website. Simply search for forums that deal with your website’s niche, and join those forums. Most forums allow you to have a signature. In this area, is where you’ll promote your website. Since the forum(s) you joined are targeted towards your niche, you can be assured that you are receiving targeted traffic.

These are just five simple tips you can used to get going with your website promotion.

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