Ways for Teens to Make Money – Work From Home

Being a teenager means that you don’t have the same opportunities as adults to make money. Well for one thing, you might be schooling, which means that all your time is taken up by homework, lectures, pop quizzes , exams , sports and a social life.

You don’t have the time to work and normally, you wont have the qualifications to get a high paying jobs. The majority of teens are stuck in a rut of part time jobs that pay minimal income or internships that even offer absolutely no money at all. Instead of counting your money whenever you are go for a date or having no money to buy that cool PS3.

If you are stuck at home whittling your time away while your friends are out because you have no money, then it is time to stop.

There are ways for teens to make money from just working at home and anyone can do it. This article will discuss some of the ways that teens can make money from just working at home, enough money that ensures you will be the envy of your friends and family. One of the easiest ways that anyone can make money online is to contribute to many of the urban age magazines that have overtaken the internet.

With more than 20, 000 online magazines who targets teens as their main reader population, most of them are outsourcing their articles and feature stories to home based contributors. This means that teens can write for teens, pen down their ideas and allow for the relevance of these e-magazines to speak with the voice for the young teenager. Be expect to be paid as high as $12 – $20 an article and the more you write the more you get paid.

The good thing about this is that you can customise how many articles you decide to write and it can be tailor made to fit the busy school schedule. Another more popular way that teens are making money online is through paid blogging.

This is more so in companies and affiliate networks who are selling products to the younger crowd – like urban wear, games, books etc. They use blogs as one of the means to give exposure to the product indirectly and link back to the core website which sells the product. It is also used in branding efforts of these products and the best people who can write for these blogs are the same people who are buying these very products.

Teens are getting paid to create flashy blogs and write entries (up to $50 – $150) a day, depending on the product. These are just some of the options that teens have when it comes to working from home. Some other jobs include participating in surveys in offshore universities, contributing to dissertation researches and even being webmasters of some email services. If you are a teen, there are so many ways for teens to make money from home, even if you are schooling.

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Teens Make Money from Home

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