Long Tail Keywords Phrases Are Good to Go

You Don’t Have to be an SEO Expert to Profit from these Less Competitive Keyword Phrases

Long Tail Keyword Phrases are search terms that search engines users are using, that are longer than those usually targeted by search engine marketers and advertisers.Long-tail keyword phrases

For example, if an advertiser sets up a Google Adwords campaign they will usually target a quantity of the most common and highest traffic search terms. What they fail to realize is that these terms only account for a small percentage of Google’s overall searches.

Here’s an interesting article for those of you who become discouraged about the amount of competition inhabiting the top spots for your chosen keyword phrases:
Long Tail Keywords

What the article is basically saying is that the biggest majority of searches entered by users ARE NOT covered by the top search terms.

I have often advised in my blogging and to interested partners not to become too bogged down chasing one or two search terms but to blog frequently with many variations of keyword phrases thrown in.

I say this because I find myself ranking and getting visitors for the most obscure search phrases. In fact much of my traffic comes from phrases that no one is targeting.

This fact is highly encouraging to newcomer bloggers who may think that most of the traffic is already taken by those who have been at this game for the longest time. The above article seems to put to bed any idea that this is true.

The moral of the story is, the more unique targeted content you add through blogging, the more chance you have of hitting the top spots – provided you are using phrases that fall within the theme of the market you are targeting. It would be virtually impossible to write about any topic without using these phrases naturally.

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