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Recently I wrote a review of Friend Blaster pro, a piece of software that I have found highly useful in promoting some of my niche sites.

Not long after giving a rundown of the software I bought a similar tool created by the same developers called Tube Blaster Pro.

I have found Tube Blaster Pro to be even more effective in driving targeted visitors to some of my niche businesses.

Primarily, I have been using both pieces of software to promote Phpfox membership sites.

Tube Blaster Pro is easy to use. Even if you have no experience of marketing software you should quickly find your way round the control panel.

I am impressed with the fact that Tube Blaster Pro is frequently updated. This is extremely important as Youtube is frequently changing and updating their site to combat automated software. In my opinion there is absolutely no problem in using automated software as long as you do so responsibly.

There are various ways that you can use Tube Blaster Pro to promote your site. Firstly you need to do a search of Youtube for videos and members with an interest in your market. For instance if you owned a web business related to affiliated marketing then you would go to the Youtube search page and search for the term ‘affiliate marketing’. This search will likely return 1000s of videos.

Using Tube Blaster Pro you would then trawl the pages of your search to collect either video IDs or User IDs.

I started off by adding comments to videos targeted to my niche. After a week or two though I found that I was adding the same or similar comments to Youtube members with multiple videos on the same topic. This can become a problem if a Youtuber finds your comment on more than one of their videos. After one or two irate messages I decided to stop sending out comments until such times as the software developers come up with a way to ONLY send to one video per member.

Below you will see a screenshot of the Tube Blaster control panel:

Here are some of the features of TubeBlaster Pro according to their website:

  • Gather friend id’s from browsing the Channels, Video Pages, friend lists, groups or any other area of YouTube.
  • Auto Messenger that allows you to send out messages to all of your friends and to other people
  • Auto Commenter feature that allows you to send out comments for Videos and Channels.
  • Channel Subscriptions feature that allows you to send out Subscriptions to all of your friends and to other people.
  • Send message along with Friend Request feature that allows you to send both a message and a Friend Request to the same person – I usually send an auto message out with each friend request. This makes it much more likely that the Youtube will visit your website or Youtube Channel.
  • NEW!Multiple registered accounts can now be chained together!
  • NEW! Set TubeBlasterPro to auto start each day.

I suggest you only send 100 or less friend request, comments or subscriptions, per day.

My favorite and most effective way of driving visitors to my own sites is by sending out friend requests to Youtubers accompanied by a message outlining my interest in their video and a request for them to checkout my website.

I personally, have been able to recruit 100s of new members to my Phpfox membership sites using this method alone. I found that sending comments was best because of the fact that they were visible to other Youtube visitors, but I stopped sending comments because of the reasons mentioned above.

TubeBlasterPro also allows you to rotate comments and messages. This is a very useful feature and limits the chances of members or Youtube itself finding multiple duplicate comments on member pages.

See below:

My long term strategy is to build a large network of friends to which I can continually market my site. As stated above though, don’t get over zealous in sending out requests or you will be shutdown by Youtube. I haven’t lost a Youtube account yet by sending out 100 requests per account, daily.

It’s also possible to send a video link out with your requests too. Having now built up 100s of Youtube friends in more than a few niches I am confident that I can generate good interest in any new videos I add to my Youtube channel. If you do overdo the requests and lose an account you obviously cannot pursue a longer strategy. Also any comments you have added to videos will be lost.

All in all I can highly recommend Tube Blaster Pro. Definitely well wroth the investment. The software currently costs $29.95 for ONE Youtube account and “Unlimited” YouTube accounts, $59.95.

To find out more about the Friend Blaster Pro Myspace Friend Adder click the link below:
Tube Blaster Pro

Download a Free Trial of Friend Blaster Pro at the link below:
(Just Click the ‘download’ link at the top of the page when you get there)

Click Here to Visit Tube Blaster Pro

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Myspace Friend Blaster Pro Review

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