The Rich Jerk is a Prick 😯

Excuse my language but he is and that’s why he has been highly successful at selling his home based business ecourse.

You see people just love controversy and this guys knows it. So what does he do. He sets out to create some good old scandal around his product and he does this by insulting people.

I have seen some copycats recently and I cringe at the bad job that they are making at trying to imitate the Rich Jerk’s marketing tactics.

It turns out now that everything this guys does it is the talk on all the online business discussion forums. You think this is an accident? Of course not! This was his plan and how ingenious it was.

What about the product though?

Well, I’ve read it. It’s nothing special. Most of the stuff I already knew.

If you are new to online business and thinking of setting up your own work at home business then a lot of the information will be highly useful.

If you have been round the block a few times then I don’t think you’re going to learn anything knew other than this guys is ONE obnoxious asshole – or at least he pretends to be :mrgreen:

To find out more about the Rich Jerks offer check the link below:
The Rich Jerk

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