The 3 Best Work From Home Ideas Revealed

I have a complaint. There are too many work from home ideas floating around in the internet. Well it’s a ‘good’ complaint, but it’s still a protest. Too many times people like me crash headlong into a wall of problems because of ill-informed choices that we made. A combination of oversights have caused dizzying experiences and failed attempts at the whole ‘work from home’ issue.

Before I reveal the 3 best work from home ideas, I really have to set the precedent about choosing the internet/desktop/home work experience that is right for you. You should always keep in mind your strengths and your qualifications. Make use of your unique skills and talents; if you sound like Oscar the Grouch, don’t try your hand at homesourced customer service. If you have two left feet and type exactly the way you dance, forget about data entry. If you have no flair for even moderate writing, don’t opt to try your hand at article writing or other related work. Have some realistic expectations, know what you are looking for and be honest about yourself. Avoid jobs offers that either require you to pay exorbitant amounts for registration or for training, or ones that involve training that is long, drawn out and tedious – you will burn out even before you get your first sale.

Got it?

Also, it is important that you enjoy what you do and believe in the product/service you are selling or promoting. You will be more convincing and sound more sincere, and that is the secret formula you can apply to any home business idea.

Now, when asked for the best work from home ideas, most people would definitely mention affiliate programs, or affiliate marketing. Signing up with many of these affiliate networks like ‘PayDotCom’, ‘AsianHomeBusiness’ and ‘Click Bank’ is usually free, so it won’t cost you much (if any) if you wish to try your hand at affiliate marketing. Affiliate programs have a one up over direct marketing because of its massive potential for anyone to earn multiple incomes from multiple products on the internet. The backend work is substantial, but when the click volume to your website starts adding up and the sales start to come in, you can kick back for a bit, or turn your attention to another form of home business.

This brings us to data entry. Depending on how fast and efficient you are, there are companies who pay on a per-volume basis. The more you do, the more you earn; up to $50 an hour, and sometimes even more. Build up your reputation and portfolio so you can request for a higher remuneration. But you don’t have to spend all your time doing this. You can pick and choose your working hours.

Next, you can consider becoming a call centre agent. There is an increasing demand for call centre agents fluent in English. Paying anywhere from $10 to $75 an hour (depends on volume and your abilities), it is an easy job to make good money. All you need is a clear voice and a pleasant disposition.

And there you have the 3 best work from home ideas revealed! But remember, this is only three out of the hundreds of potential work from home opportunities out there. Just make sure you do some research and fully understand the work from home jobs that you’re considering, and make sure that you’re well equipped and fully qualified for the tasks you may be required to uptake.

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