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Is it Worthwhile Submitting the Same Article to Multiple Article Databases or Other Sites?

Submitting to multiple article databases will be fine in regards to getting the article approved and on the pages of these sites.

In terms of maximising your chances of getting indexed on Google, and more importantly achieving high rankings in their index, then it’s definitely more productive to change your articles somewhat.

From what I can gather Google will only rank the original article with all others being penalized for being duplicate content.

Tip: If you are short on content make sure to submit your article to your own blog and give it a day or two to be indexed before submitting to the databases. That’s how I do it, with good results. That way the article on YOUR site will get the most benefit from Google indexing.

Personally I mostly produce articles to gain backlinks from other sites. either from the directories themselves – or from webmasters picking up my articles to post on their own websites.

I have been submitting articles for years now. My links now appear on 1000s of sites all over the WWW. If you do a search for my name on Google you can see many of the site where my articles have appeared.

I do use Submit Your Article’s article leverage tool to submit my articles. ‘Article Leverage’ allows me to change the article automatically with each submission via Submit Your Articles article distribution service. This means that a slightly different articles gets submitted to each database.

As stated above, this is important to increase your chances of getting your backlinks indexed in Google’s main index and NOT the supplemental results pages.

Numerous links back for one article submission I think is a good enough reason to use article marketing as an overall online marketing strategy. That said, it’s important to include various marketing tactics in your overall daily or weekly tasks.

What works well today in Internet marketing may not work so well tomorrow, or worse still, could be frowned upon by the major search engines.

It’s also important to mention that although I use the article backlink strategy, many Internet marketers concentrate on achieving lots of traffic from the article itself – IE. the article author bio or resource box. As mentioned in a previous blogs, you need to write quality articles to leave the reader interested enough to click through to your website for more info.

As with all Internet marketing strategies, the only way to know for sure what works for you and in your particular niche market is to test the methods for yourself.

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