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I have decided to do some extensive testing on my site to maximise their ability to pull in profits. I have experiemented with split testing in the past but never really kept to it.

Split testing is bascially where you send visitors to two versions of the same web page and test which one converts the best. You can test for a variety of things, like, sales conversions, optin email numbers, number of clicks on certain links.

The site I am going to start testing is my Freeadvertz.com home business site. I am not happy with the amount of optins I am getting per visitor so I need to do some serious testing. The idea is to make small changes and test the effects on your signup ratios.

Anyway, I did an extensive search online for an available free split testing script and could not find one that would serve my needs. So I ended up buying Split Analyser. This software will basically do everything I need it to do AND more.

It wasn’t cheap at $129, BUT I will make this money back using this to raise my overall conversions. So $129, in my eyes is a small price to pay.

You can check out Split Analyser yourself at the link below:

Split Test Software

Right, I’m off to set this script up and do some testing. I’ll keep you posted how it goes.

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