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WordPress has 100s of Free Plugins or Addons to Choose from…

I just installed a Sexy Bookmarking tool to my WordPress blog.

WordPress is undoubtedly the BESTEST, BESTEST, BESTEST :-O publishing and marketing tool online – specifically because of the number of FREE addons that can be found to help get your website seen.

I originally spotted the Sexy Widget over at – Sly Marketing target (Cool looking blog there) – when looking for an exit popover script, which I am considering installing. An exit popover works by popping up just as a website visitor is about to leave with a message to visit another link, or optin to your mailing list. This can be an effective way to try to recoup some otherwise lost traffic or subscribers.

Anyway, having been impressed by the Sexy Bookmark widget in operation but having searched for a while I couldn’t actually locate it on Google with the keyword phrases I was using. So, I did what I would normally have done immediately, I checked the source code of Sly Marketing and there was a link in the source to the ‘Sexy’ widget.

Tip: If you spot a cool looking tool try searching the source code of the page you’re on as often times the tool developers put a link to their resource in the comments tag.

To view source code, simply ‘Right Click’ on any web page and click ‘View Source’ or ‘View Page Source’ – the text changes according to what web browser you are using.

Anyway, if you have a WordPress blog and would like to grab the Sexy Widget. No need to do any searching. Just click the link below to go to the developers page and download it Free:
===>>> Sexy Bookmarks Plugin – The download link is at the top right of the page.

You can see the Widget in operation below. There are around 50 bookmark sites that you can choose to display or not. Check them out. Don’t forget to actually bookmark this and my other posts to your favorite bookmark sites. Please show your support. Besides, it’s SEXY!;-)

As you can see below you don’t have to choose ‘Sharing is Sexy’ as your image text. You don’t even have to choose an image at all if you don’t want to. Use your own text to encourage your readers to bookmark your posts:

I currently have 13 active plugins working on my WordPress blog. I’ll do a post soon on my favorites and how they help with the functionality or marketing of my site. I suspect if you were to set a website up from scratch and pay to have all the addons, you would pay $1000s. As it stands, the WordPress download is free as are all the plugins I use.

The only thing I paid for was my domain name, hosting and my current theme, which cost $129.

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