5 Proven Ways to Profit on the Internet

Important Steps You Can Take to Make a Good Income Online

How difficult is it for the average newcomer to the Internet to set up their own online business, with a system in place to make them a profit? The fact is that contrary to what is thought to be true, setting up an online home business can be achieved in just a few basic steps. Not many people – fewer than 5% – actually take these steps or more importantly persist in working them to the fruition of a full-time income from home.

You might think it impossible to earn momeny from a PC and Internet connection but let me assure you that the opposite is the case. It is actually possible for anyone with a little time and less than $20 to spend to setup their own Internet business – with a working online marketing system.

In referring to a task being ‘simple’ I am by no means implying that it’s easy, the completion of your business building, or that you’re going to get rich overnight. It is also apparent from my online dealings that being told something is ‘simple’ does not make it so, especially to a complete beginner.Work-at-Home1

‘Simple’ means there aren’t many steps to actually have your business online. You can be literally up and running within twenty-four hours or less.

Basically, you are only required to complete five steps or less to have your own web business up and running:

1. A domain name. In a nutshell, this is your Internet business brand, your .com. This is where you will send prospects to view the content of your website.

2. It’s essential to have a website hosting company to put and maintain your companies website live on the www. This is simply a company that hosts massive web servers that will rent some space on this server to ensure that your website is online throughout the day, 365 days per year.

3. A Website. The options here are too numerous to cover in one short article but my personal preference is to use WordPress publishing tool to get my content online.org to publish my content. Nothing to stop you from doing the same or you can choose from various other free web publishing applications. A web site can be as simple as one html page or a complex web script with loads of bells and whistles. If your intention is to become an affiliate marketer and sell other people’s products then WordPress comes highly recommended.

Stone Evans will actually set up a fully automated Wortdpress website for you FREE – all you pay for is a domain name and web hosting. Click here for details.

4. Web Content. You can write your own or even publish other peoples content from article databases. Article databases are filled with content on every topic imaginable from which you can legally reprint articles to your own blog or website. This is done with full permission of the authors and it’s free. So use this content ’til your hearts content. I prefer to use my own writing, as search engines look much more favorably on unique content.

5. An Email Followup System. Although this is not totally necessary, I wouldn’t be without a good auto-responder company that is going to capture and send followup message to my online home business prospects. Any Internet marketer will testify that if you’re going to do business online then you need a followup system.

Do you think you can do that? Of course you can! Anyone can!

This is the simple part. The difficulty comes in marketing and sending constant traffic to your new business. There’s enough here to keep you going though for at least a day or two until you’re ready to start the real work.

Let me know how I can help you get started by contacting me today. I’m standing by to answer your questions and/or offer any guidance.

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