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A Virtually Passive Income through Paid Member Sites

Setting up and running an Internet marketing business based on membership sites is a dream come true for a hands off person such as myself.

The magic thing about using membership scripts such as Phpfox is that once you put in the initial work – providing you have built up a certain amount of targeted web traffic – the site will keep on growing all by itself.

That’s right, unlike most web businesses you must continue to add targeted content to your web portal in order to keep the traffic coming. Phpfox provides the perfect set up where your content will be provided by members of your site in an ever growing fashion.

Phpfox is similar to Myspace and Facebook in that members signup – for free usually – and begin interacting with other members through commenting, discussion forum, blogs, videos, pictures etc. etc.

I had an idea many months ago that if Myspace can have great success worldwide as a free for all, interactive web portal, then surely it would do just as well in niche markets. I have proved that to be true through my own niche membership sites.

I set a few sites up in niche markets and as stated above after the initial marketing to get the sites off the ground the membership tend to take the reins and the site grows on it’s own.

Phpfox is extremely easy to set up with full step by step instructions.

Below you can see a section of the Phpfox Admin panel. Some but not all of the features of Admin can been seen in the left panel.

Phpfox admin panel

One of the few negatives about phpfox is that I’ve had to purchase quite a few plugins to get my site exactly how I want it to be. That said, you could setup and run a profitable web business from the out of the box Phpfox script. Plus within the next few months Phpfox will be releasing a new version of their script which promises to include loads more features – which were not added to the original version.

How do you monetize Phpfox?

There are a couple of ways – that I personally employ – to monetize my sites. The most profitable is by selling upgrades to new members. This basically involves limiting access to certain areas of the website to those that pay a monthly or yearly fee. I sell two subscriptions, Lifetime and Annual.

Another way to make money from your Phpfox business is to sell ad space. At the minute I make some monthly dollars through Google AdSense. To be honest though, I have not found a way to increase clickthroughs and revenue for AdSense. So, until now, the revenue has been quite low. Still, it is passive income. There is a way to switch on ads ONLY for free members and visitors.

One other method that I employ to monetize my Phpfox website is by selling affiliate products from the pages of my site and from within internal messages. The products obviously must be targeted to your niche market as there are affiliate programs in virtually every market imaginable it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a suitable product or service to sell to your members.

How to market your Phpfox business?

I have been primarily using two methods to market my Phpfox niche websites.

1. I have been marketing to YouTube using a piece of software called Tube Blaster Pro. The software allows me to find videos and YouTube members according to keyword. I then send out friend requests to my target market. It’s important not to overdo this as you will be accused of spam and may even lose your YouTube account. I usually send out around 100 friend requests per day. Click here for a more comprehensive review of Tube Blaster Pro.

2. Using similar software created by the same developers I also market to Myspace members. The same strategy applies. Use keyword searches to find Myspace users in your niche then send out friend requests. Click here for a more comprehensive review of Friend Blaster Pro.

You will need to setup an account with both Myspace and YouTube with a link back to your Phpfox site.

I am sure here are countless niches through which the average person can make a good living using Phpfox as their portal. I am also aware that not many are doing this at the minute. Of the Phpfox that I have seen many are shabbily put together and unprofessional. So plenty of room for improvement, even in niches where others have created sites already.

It’s important if you do go ahead that you present a professional image. Interacting professionally with members too is crucial. Phpfox does have a mass emailer to keep in touch with members. I opted though to purchase a plugin that allows me to send mass messages within the Phpfox membership area. We all know how unreliable is nowadays, so I’d much rather send messages internally to members.

Like all other internet marketing methods, the more of a relationship you build with those who join your membership site, the more successful your business is going to be. Building a loyal base will also encourage members to spread the word about your site. I have found that the membership and traffic grows exponentially after a little time.

It’s a marketer dream to find a passive, ever growing residual income and Phpfox is certainly one tool that can be used my budding entrepreneurs to achieve this goal.

Click the link below to discover more about Phpfox:

Phpfox Membership Site Script

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