Why Don’t I Invest in the Success of Others?

Debbie from the U.K Asks:

If this is as good as you say, why cant you take the money from the money I would earn, we are always being told not to pay when looking for work from home, sorry to sound so sceptical but have been ripped off a couple of times.

Mal Answers

Thanks Debbie, I get this question regularly.

First of all, I’m not intending to paint a rosey picture of blogging or online business in general. I frequently say throughout this blog that it will take hard work and persistence to succeed. work at home moms

If the alternative is to slog away ’til retirement, barely scraping by, then give me the hard work online anytime.

I also say that ‘anyone’ can do it, not EVERYONE. In fact at the expense of probably scaring many off, I will tell you that most people will FAIL. Not because there’s anything wrong with these opportunities BUT because they won’t put in the time or work required, or fail to follow directions. What’s new! Most people fail in businesses offline too.

I’ve worked with many people over the years, some give up after a week or two, some make a few dollars then pack it in, many work hard but for whatever reason give up just as they’re about to make a break-through. Others though, have taken their new business, and gone on to exceed the earnings I have ever achieved.

I don’t promise that any particular person will succeed. I do promise to provide the training required to help those that REALLY want to change their finances for the better, and are prepared to stick at it long enough to find success.

I’d be interested to hear how or by which business opportunity you were scammed.

It’s very unrealistic to expect me to pay up front to bring people on board. That wouldn’t be good business, or common sense. I would be left chasing after people trying to urge them along towards their income goals. I’d also end up seriously broke.

This isn’t a job offer. You shouldn’t have to pay up front to do a job. This is a business opportunity. I’m not an employer. You may want to read the question below similar to yours, from Erica:
No Work at Home Jobs

I set up the website, I provide the training, the rest is up to YOU. I expect those that do grab this offer to take responsibility for THEIR business. It won’t work otherwise.

If you’ve any other questions please get back to me.

Best regards,

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