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Erica Asks:

I need a real work at home job..real jobs dont require paying a fee..I should get paid for working..My husband just got a job and its not enough to cover our bills..we have 5 small kids and I need a work at home job.


Hi Erica

Thanks for your query.

You’re right, no one should expect to pay a fee for starting a job – whether online or offline. I don’t know much about ‘jobs’ online but you could try this site. They seem to have listings where you can actually work set hours for a certain amount of pay – Jobs Online(Click the link).

What I offer here is opportunities for ordinary people to escape living from paycheck to paycheck. That’s not the way many people WANT to live. They usually feel there is no other choice. The internet has changed that and made it possible for the small guy to make it big. If they are willing to put the work in and a little invesment then I can help them get there.

The fees come from products or services they buy to further their aims of becoming financially free. That can be web hosting, web design, marketing tools, online courses, and other resources.

This site is for people who want to work for themselves not someone else. I apologise if you got confused by any of the content here. Hope things work out for you and your family and you find something to suit your needs.

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