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Oscar from the Philippines asks:

I have been surfing the internet for a year and a half. I encountered these so called internet programs that generate residual income. However, due to force of circumstances, I was just contented subscribing several of these program, in short, many.

I downloaded free ebooks, tips and other materials of these programs. I learned something from all of these. However, I do not know yet, the technicalities and other stuff, on how, what, when and where tos for a member to earn even a minimal income, say 50-100 dollars a day.

But am so much interested to have a my free training with you. Especially when it entails only a very little fee. However, I would prefer it for free. And am very much willing to follow all necessary instructions to become successful.

Respectfully yours,



Thank you Oscar for your query.

I think you partly answered your own question. You’ve READ ebooks and tips for a year and a half. Let me be frank, you aren’t going to make any money at all reading ebooks, watching videos, subscribing to courses or any of those activities.

Don’t feel alone in this though, I have been guilty of it myself as have the vast majority of people I am in contact with. It has been called the ‘Paralysis of Analysis’.

My question back at you would be ‘What action have you taken?’

You WILL earn money online IF you implement some of the stuff you are reading. There are 1000s of people like me online willing to share what works to make a living from the internet. Unfortunately most people are unwilling to do the work and keep doing it to succeed.

You don’t need to know all the ins and outs to take action. All you need is the know-how to take the FIRST step.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Lao-tzu

That first step may be setting up a Free blog, registering a domain name, putting some ads in free classifieds for an affiliate product.

I suggest you read the post I wrote yesterday on ONE free way to get started online.

There is also a place you can go to pick up low cost reports that will show you ways to make some quick money. It’s the Warriors Internet Marketing Forum. When you sign up go to the Warrior Special Offers section. You can usually judge by the feedback from members whether the reports are workable or not. Spend wisely!

You will ony make good money online when you commit to doing the work daily to build your business. I do mostly the same things today as I did when I first started.

I listened to a video last night by Jeff Dedrick where he talked about making $17,000 in affiliate commissions by sending out ONE email. This is indeed possible and more BUT this guy didn’t wake up one day with that list. He worked hard to get there as he says himself in the video.

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you it’s possible to make money online without taking persistent action. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!

Hope this reply helps you to take the neccessary action. If you have any specific questions please get back to me.

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