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A Simple 3 Step Plan to Dominate Your Niche Market on Google

Today I have added some more banners to my blog set up offer.

Click below to see the new banners and example of how they will look if you take up my blog offer:
New Blog Set Up Headers

I really want to offer blogs in every niche possible. The headers above add quite a few more niches to the mix.

Niche markets are a lot easier to penetrate and dominate than more competitive markets, like the ‘work at home‘ niche.

My cousin runs an regular offline business in a very small niche market. I was able to achieve a page one ranking on Google for his main keyword. It only took me a couple of weeks to do this. Most of that time is spent waiting for the results to come in – for things to take their course.

There are a few certain step you can take to achieve a top Google ranking in ANY small niche.

This is how I did it for my cousin:

1. I had 10 articles written in this niche and set up a wordpress blog, publishing the articles one at a time over a number of days. The articles cost me around $80 – for the lot.

Alternatively you could go grab 10 articles on your niche from and rewrite them in your own words. or, if you’re the creative type, write the articles from scratch.

2. I waited until the blog articles had been indexed by Google. This should only take a few days. Then I took a couple of them and submitted to the article directories using Submit Your Article.

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Your free option is to submit to the most popular directories:
Idea Marketers
Internet Home Business Articles
Articles Base

3. I then paid for a service to build a number of backlinks to this niche site. Cost – $60 for 80 backlinks.

You can build backlinks at no cost using this Free Traffic System. They do offer a paid service but I didn’t see enough benefits to upgrade. Stick with the free version.

That’s it! A simple 3 step process to drastically increase your chances of grabbing a coveted page one spot on Google.

If you’re reading this then you should seriously consider finding a niche. Maybe it’s something you already have knowledge in, or a passion or interest of yours. This would be perfect.

Download this free guide on niche marketing for a lot more details on what a niche is and how you can profit from it:
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If you’re ready to get started in niche marketing then I’m ready to help you take the first step:

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