My AMAZING Home Based Business

What I do find absolutely astounding about my work at home business is just how automated it has become.

It’s actually a dream come true. I am not a millionaire but the fact that I can make a great income from home without having to actually be present as the money comes in is still a fantastic testament to how AMAZING the internet is.

I cannot see how this would have been possible before the dawn of the WWW. Sure, people have a lot of freedom in offline business now and in the past but it has usually been achieved by having others work for them, doing the hard graft on their behalf.

What makes my automated enterprise all the more amazing is that I don’t have any employees.

The nature of my business is such that everything is automated from the followup process to the sale down to the check arriving in my mailbox. The only thing I have to do is cash the check. No, hold on, in fact, many times I don’t even have to do that. A lot of the affiliate programs which I am an agent send me Paypal payment and with a click or two of my mouse Paypal will deposit the money earned straight into my bank account. How’s that for automation?

How EXACTLY does this automation work?

My websites are online 24 hrs per day. The search engines send visitors to my site. Most don’t buy immediately but a % will add themselves to one of my mailing lsit. This add their details to an automated followup email system which will email them periodically with more information about work at home business and how they can get started.

Sooner or later the prospect will signup for my business, product or service. The product or service owner is then paid. From that payment they calculate my commissions and send the payment via check or to my paypal account.

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