Moving Posts from One WordPress Blog to Another

I continue to move my posts from over to this blog. I have shutdown and added a redirect to this site. So I am having to copy the posts straight from the MK database.
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I don’t plan to copy everything over just the useful posts and any posts that are currently getting search engine traffic. I know from my tracking stats which posts are currently sending visitors from Google and the other top search engines.

What I feel to be the most helpful posts, I am updating and publishing to this blog, real time. Others, I have edited the timestamp through my WordPress admin panel, then published them – with a past date. You’d need to look at the archives to find this content.

I am really just starting to get serious about blogging, in terms of frequent or daily updates. In all honesty, I have never posted so often. At the minute I am feeling really fired up about I’m enjoying helping people out, and getting some great feedback. I know from the past that when I update frequently that the traffic to the blogging pages really takes off. In a week or two I will publish my progress in terms of traffic stats.

In time, I would hope to be getting traffic daily to the vast majority of posts on this site. There are close to 500 blog posts. Many of these posts are other peoples articles, scraped from the article databases. I do get traffic for some of these individual posts. I suspect that with frequent blogging this number will significantly increase. I am seeing an upturn already, this past few days, since I increased the post count.

I’ll keep you all posted on how that goes.

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