Can Moms Succeed with Their Own Internet Home Based Business?

The answer is a definite YES!

There are many reasons why moms decide that they want to work from home and there are even more ways that they can do it in todays’ internet world.

Some of the top reasons why mothers would want to work from the comfort of their own homes include:

1. They want to spend more time with their children.

2. They are sick and tired of the commute to work and/or office politics.

3. They want to escape the rat-race and the stresses and strains of working away from home.

There are many more reasons but the above 3 are the most common.

The great news is that there are 100s of business opportunities online that can help moms in the U.S and indeed throughout the world achieve their goal of a full-time income from home. You can even work part-time and match or exceed your current earnings. The options and the ways to get there are numerous.

The first thing that anyone must realize when thinking about setting up their own online business is that an online business is simply a website that sells products or services. That’s it in a nutshell.

Setting up a website is comparable to opening a shop in an offline building. Of course in the online world you don’t have the large overheads, including rent, staff wages etc etc. So, setting up an internet business is but a minute investment compared to business in the real world.

The first thing you need to do then is register your own domain name(your business name), for instance A domain name is roughly $10 per year. After this you need to get a hosting account, someone to host your website. This usually costs a few dollars per month.

After that you need products to sell. Don’t fret about this! There are things online called affiliate programs. Most products owners online allow others to sell their products for a cut of the sales. Some merchants will payout as much as 75% of the sale – mostly for digital products – which cost very little to setup and maintain.

The fantastic thing about affiliate programs is that you don’t need to take payments or be concerned about customer services. Your only task is to cash your check at the end of each month.

Above we have seen how you get your online storefront, and products to sell. You can virtually get your own online business for less than $100 per year. The marketing and advertising of your new business can costs a little or a lot depending on how much work you want to put in.

Generally the harder you work and the more time you have to spend using free advertising resources, the less money you need to spend on having it all automated.

Once the above is setup what’s left? Well, you will need to add content to your new site. It is good to add content related to the affiliate program that you have joined. For example you wouldn’t sell ‘pet products’ or ‘services’ from a site filled with information about ‘foreign holidaying’.

You could however setup a site and add content based on your favorite dog breed and sell affiliate pet products from this. As an online working mom the options are limitless. If you can think of a topic that you are interested in then there will be affiliate products to sell.

Another option is to sell the idea of working from home to your website visitors. You can quickly find loads of content on ‘working at home online’ or write your own once you gain more experience. Much like I am doing here 🙂 .

I have detailed step by step how I got started online in my free ebook which you can download at the page below:
Moms Home Based Business Ideas

To get started with affiliate programs including your own business setup and newsletter checkout the site below:
My Top Recommended Online Business for Work at Home Moms

Always remember that you have many avenues available. Many moms have been there and done that before you. So, shop around and if you have any questions please get in touch.

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