Another Step Forward in Refocusing My Attention

I’ve decided to take offline and redirect all traffic to this site.

Two reasons:

1. This move is in line with bringing more focus to my business. I have spread myself way too thin over this past few years. Now I only have ONE main work at home business site and THIS IS IT!

2. Permanently redirecting traffic from with a permanent 301 redirect should give a slight boost in search engine rankings. I look forward to that.

You’re gonna see a lot of posts being added here over the next few days as I copy useful posts from over to here. If I name the posts exactly as they were titled at any search engine traffic will redirect to the posts on this blog.

I’ve added a few Internet marketing categories here also, to reflect the changes.

I look forward to fielding questions here on all aspects of running an Internet home business – from set up, to marketing, to eventual profits and web business development.

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