With a Step By Step Plan, Some Focus and a Little Hard Work You Can Make a Full-Time Income with Google Adsense

Although making money with Google Adsense has not been the main focus of my business, I have made $1000s over the years from dabbbling in this money making opportunity. Today, I still make around $1000 per month from Google Adsense ads on various websites.

It is possible with a little focus and hard work to make a lot more per month. Some marketers are making $100s every day, their main strategy being to set up sites specifically to make money from the advertising provided by Google.

How does Google Adsense work?

A Google Adsense account is free and once approved Google will provide you with an ad code that you can place on your site. The ads work in such a way that they will automatically be matched to the content of your site. So, the ads tend to be targeted to your visitor base and therefore clickthru can be very high.

If you already have an established site then you shouldn’t have any problems getting being approved for an Adsense account. If you site is brand new then you will need to add some quality content to the site before applying to Google for an account.

Click Here to go to Google and find out more about Adsense

Below you can see an example how the ads can look.

My Adsense Revenue

The best strategy is to define the ad colors to blend in with the your website design and colors. Ad format and colors etc. can be set via your Google Adsense account.

How Much and How Do You Get Paid?

You will get paid anything from a few cents for EVERY click on those ads. My income is paid directly into my bank account here in Ireland every month. You can also opt to be paid via check – the direct deposit option may not be available in your country.

Below you can see a recent screenshot of my Adsense earnings.

Earning Cash with Google Adsense

Notice the amount is in Pounds Sterling. This is a recent change that Google has made to pay publishers in their own currencies. I’ve blacked out the Clicks and EPM(Earnings per 1000 clicks), as it is against Googles’ terms of service to show these. I guess they don’t want Adsense publishers comparing earnings per click.

Who Can Make Money with Google Adsense?

Basically, anyone with a website with some content on it can make a living from Google Adsense ads. if your site gets enough traffic you could literally make a full-time living from adding some Adsense ads to strategic places on your site.

Google Adsense works better with some types of sites than others. For example, the click-thrus on discussion forums tends to be very low. I have a discussion forum in a certain niche with 100,000s of monthly views and I barely make $20 in adsense revenue.

You can even make Google adsense revenue from Free sites like Blogger and Squidoo. You can set up free blogs or squidoo lenses and add Adsense automatically with a few clicks of your mouse. You WILL need to have an Adsense account beforehand though.

Warning: Make sure you remember to check Google Adsense’s terms of service before setting up your account and check them again when setting up ads. There are certain rules you MUST follow when placing ads and of course you ARE NOT allowed to click your own ads, and a few more regulations.

If you engage in any dodgy practices at all, believe me, Google will find out and you’ll have your account shut down quicker than a flash. Don’t risk it! There have been horror stories of marketers losing $1000s in monthly revenue overnight from having their accounts closed. That said, I’ve had an Adsense account for a few years now with no major problems to date.

I guess for newcomers concerned about online scams, this would be a way to get involved with a company that you could hardly label a scam – whether you are in favor of their wide ranging power over the net or not.

If you’re interested in setting up a plan to earn a great income with Google Adsense revenue as the hub of your business then you won’t do much better than Google Adsense Masters. This is a first class course and an honest attempt to guide anyone towards a full-time income from Google Adsense. I can HIGHLY recommend it. Click the link below for more details:
Google Adsense Masters Course

Don’t be expecting to get rich overnight. If you are willing to set out a daily plan and get to work there is no reasons why you cannot earn a substantial income from the Big G.

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