Make Money Online with Affiliate Programs

I bless the day that I first came across affiliate programs. It was on that day I got an idea that I would be able to make money online and put the process entirely on auto-pilot. That is exactly what I set out to do….

Today, much of my income is automated and that is in a big way thanks to being given the chance to market products and services that do not actually belong to me.

I simply send visitors to a special affiliate link provided by the item owner. When any sales are made, I get a % of the payment. With some products or services that I promote the cut is as high as 75%. Wow! On a $100 sale I get $75.

Even better than that, I do not have to be concerned about what happens after the sale has been made. The service provider is responsible for the delivery and aftersales support of the products that I personally sell.

The fact that I do not deal with anything other than collecting my monthly check from my mailbox means I can completely automate this sales process and even the marketing.

When visitors visit my site from the search engines they click on my affiliate link – They decide to buy – The product is delivered. Most times I sell digital products so the delivery is a download delivered instantly – The product owner picks up any problems that the buyer may have – At the end of the month a check will arrive in my mail with a total of all the sales I have made.

In the meantime, I am sitting at home in front of the T.V eating ice cream with my family :mrgreen:. Sometimes I am lying on a beach in the Mediterranean while this process continues.

I use autoresponders also that send out preiodic email automatically every couple of days. The emails are captured from my websites where visitors are encouraged to add their email in exchange for my free ebook. My autopresponder follows up sending the prospects back to my various affiliate products and services.

Does this sound like a business you want to be involved in?

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Make Money Online with Affiliate Programs

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