How to Find a Shortcut to Make Money Online?

I Get a Question Idenitical or Similar to this Most Days of the Week!

Ron Asks:
Can I Shortcut My Way to Internet Marketing Success? Why spend pennies on internet marketing product after product? Isn’t there a way to start spending a greater amount to begin earning money immediately, which could then be reinvested?

My Answer:
If there is a way to invest greater amounts of money in internet marketing to get an INSTANT residual return then I do not know about it – other than buying a business from sites like Sitepoint.

You can bid on sites with built in profits. I advise you to do your due diligence if you are interested in buying a business. Be extremely careful!

I have told people ad infinitum that there are NO SECRETS to building a successful internet marketing business.

Some unscrupulous internet marketers will make you believe that there is some secret method that they are not telling you about. Then, when they bring out their next super duper product, they promise to REVEAL the secret – when you fork over your money for the ebook or marketing course.

Believe me, if there was a secret I would know about it… I think!

If there IS a special way to make money easily online then I have been kept in the dark over this past 10 years. 😯

Successful people take action and they are PERSISTENT. They take positive steps forward every day to build momentum and eventual sales in their internet business.

Another big part of their success is their frequent networking with other successful internet marketers.

You think John Reese could have made $1 million dollars in sales with his Traffic Secrets course had he not built of a network of people willing to sell his product as affiliates? No way!

The unfortunate thing though is that some of these networks will sell their buddy’s products even if they are not worth the investment. That said, of all the products I have purchased from those at the top of this business, I haven’t been disappointed yet. The ‘top guns’ have long since realized that providing great value leads to even greater profits down the line – when they release further products or services.

Anyone starting this business should keep in mind that providing value – even as a newcomer – will keep visitors coming back to your site or blog. Like all other endeavors though, hard work is required and there are NO shortcuts. The rewards will make all your efforts worthwhile though.

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