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The Most Important Factor in ANY Plan for Success is How Diligently the Person Applies It..

Chris from the U.S Asks:

I’m real interested in this program or I should say opportunity but I’m worried about the costs involved that aren’t the initial upfront cost.

I know on some other websites you have to push hard on advertising and marketing and web hosting and all that stuff just to get the ball rolling. What is the average cost to get this thing totally rolling?

Also, I’m looking to make around an extra 200-300 a week with this thing. Is that a reasonable number to start out?? Or does that take very long to do? If you could answer these questions that would be great! Thanks for your help……..



Hi Chris

There are many, many ways that you can legitimately make money online. I can give you my ideas and thoughts on processes that I have proven to work in my own business.

I have very profitable niche websites as well ‘work at home‘ sites like

In terms of costs, my blog set up that would cost you $134. That’s your website costs covered for one year. If you decided you wanted an email capture form on your site, you’d need to open a Getresponse account. This can be as little as $18 per month. There are no hidden costs in that set up.

Although I don’t recommend it, you could build traffic to your site and reach your goal, by blogging, and only using FREE marketing methods.

Look, you could send 1000s of visitors to your site every month by making Youtube videos and linking back to your website. Everything depends on how hard you work and how enthusiastically you pursue your goals. This strategy wouldn’t cost you a dime. Many are video marketing on Youtube, very successfully – even newcomers.

Advertising costs are costs that you would need to personally consider. You can spend as little or as much as you like.

With a careful plan you could realistically reach your goal within 3 months.

There are a number of ways you can proceed.

If you join My World Plus team then you would need to sell around 1 membership per day to reach your goal, within a month or two.

1. Set out a plan of action – Grab a notepad and pen OR open a notepad file on your PC, but DO put down in writing how you plan to proceed.

That plan should start with getting your own website online. Everything else stems from there. This is what I did, what everyone I know who has been successful has done. That’s why I recommend it as a starting point.

– That’s extremely important to remember.

2. Decide what topic/market you are going to base your site on – If you choose to promote My World Plus or any other MLM/Work at Home opportunity, then you need to be even more careful about choosing your keywords below, because there are 1000s of other experienced marketer pursuing many of the top keyword phrases.

Ideally, you should choose something you are passionate about. It will be much easier to write about if you know at least a little about the topic – or better still a lot about it.

You don’t have to write your own content, though. You can pay someone to write your blog content, but you’ll need to factor this into your costs. I can give you a couple of contacts of people who can write content for you for around $10 per article.

Most importantly when choosing a niche, is finding a market where people are actually buying, and with a significant number of searches online.

We already know that there is a vast market for work at home opportunities. People are spending millions of dollars worth of products and services in this area, every month PLUS there is a bountiful supply of prospects, searching for such opportunities.

Here’s basic tip: Go to Have a look at the different magazine titles. If there is a magazine on any given topic topic then people ARE buying in this market.

Then, check Google’s keyword tool for an approximate number of searches for related keyword phrases for any niche you are interested in.

You can find more info on niche marketing in the free ebook below.

3. Discover Your Keyword Phrases – Next, head over the Wordtracker and read everything you can on choice of keywords – especially ‘long-tail’ keyword phrases. There are some great articles there. Whether you enter a very competitive market like the ‘work at home’ field or less known markets, the correct choice of keyword phrases to target, is crucial.

You could realistically have targeted traffic coming to your site within a week or two IF you choose the right keyword phrases. So when formulating a plan, keyword research is vitally important.

Here’s an ebook that will cover everything you need to know about niches. There ARE better ebooks out there but this one’s FREE and will cover the basics, help you get the gist of niche markets, and help you work on a plan of action:
Niche Marketing Profits

4. Start blogging consistently – Once you have your site online and your keyword phrases chosen. The more original blog posts you have published the more traffic you will get. You take some of those keyword phrases and incorporate them into your blog post titles and content.

5. Build backlinks – This is also a crucial part of your business for long term growth. Basically, the greater number of quality links you have linking back to your site the more weight your pages will have on Google and the other major search engines.

6. Rinse and repeat the above –
Keywords – Blog – Backlinks.

I don’t expect you to take all this in at once. Nor, is it meant to be a comprehensive plan. The above is basically what you need to do to build any business online. Now, it’s up to you to do the research and formulate your plan of ACTION.

I am available if you want to run any services, ideas, products by me. A lot of stuff out there is either crap, you can find it free online, or you just don’t need it to succeed.

I honestly believe many people continue to buy one product after another, because they consciously or subconsciously believe, they will find a magic bullet, and won’t actually have to do the work involved. There are no magic bullets. Do the work! Follow your plan, daily and diligently! Reap the rewards!

I have outlined on different posts throughout this blog some of the services I personally use – and continue to use – to help grow my business.

I hope this helps you get an idea of what is involved and that your initial questions have been answered adequately.

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