Bill from the U.S asks:

I have no money to invest but I would like free opportunities and I would use free advertising sites or other ways to get by .


Hi Bill

Thanks for getting in touch. I understand you are looking for free sites and resources.

It’s my understanding from dealing with 100s of different people interested in making money online that even when they do have some cash reserves they aren’t confident in investing it in something unless they have proof that this is for real and can be done. They want to dip their toes in first by NOT investing any money and joining free programs. Maybe this is the case with you, maybe not.

For instance, if you knew for sure you were going to to make $150 by investing $75 you WOULD find the money somewhere – even if you had to rob a bank. I’m not suggesting you do, of course;)

That aside, i will deal with your request for a free way to make money online.

Have you checked out the free programs at:

As you may have guessed from my site I am a big fan of blogging. I believe it is a great way to start bringing targeted traffic to ANY site on ANY topic.


If I had to start from scratch with NO money I would start blogging AND I would start blogging about obscure hobbies or interests.

When you think about it the WWW is mainly a place for members of the public to find or share information. Many do it for fun. Others like myself do it to earn a living. I enjoy it too of course!

A blog is the perfect platform for publishing content, that’s why so many people do it.

Blogging is an easy way to publish content and make money in the process. Blogs are also a great marketing tool, IF they are updated frequently with new content. The search engines will visit often and snap up your content. This leads to seacrh engine visitors and eventually money in your pocket.

Although I prefer to host my own blog – own my own website that is under my control – you can find many sites that will offer you a free blog setup. For example and are two of the most popular.

Many people make the mistake that to make money online you have to set up a site like mine and offer other money making opportunities. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It is actually much easier to make money online in less competitive markets. Maybe you have a hobby or interest. Start blogging about that!

If you were to start blogging about virtually any online service or opportunity (For example My World Plus or SFI) and did it regularly, you would soon be on the top page of Google for search terms related to this product or service. Simply because the competition would not be that great. This search traffic – because it is TARGETED(People usually only search for something they are really interested in.) – would lead to opportunity signups and sales.

If you don’t want to write your own stuff then take articles from sites like or have a ghostwriter write some content for you. This usually costs around $10 per article. My good friend Jeff Schuman offers such a service here.

I do advise that you make it a priority to write some of your own content or have it written for you. Generally, original content is better than articles that have already been published elsewhere

Your first goal should be to start getting targeted traffic coming to your site. If you write about a topic you are knowledgable about or have an interest in, then the traffic will naturally come.

You can help this process along by getting backlinks to your site. Here’s a free resource to help you build backlinks:
Free Traffic System – This system does offer a paid membership but I have been able to get along and get some quality backlinks with the free option. Stick with it!

Once the visitors are coming you can then think about monetizing that traffic. Programs like Google Adsense are a great place to start. Google will place topical advertising on your site and you get paid anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars everytime someone clicks the ads. Make sure to have at least some content on your site before applying for an account.

At you can join affiliate programs and offer products or services related to the topic you are blogging about. You get paid commissions on any sales you make. Internet marketing is a numbers game. The more targeted visitors you have clicking through on your ads the more money you make.

There are also many CPA companies that offer ads that you can place on your site where you can get paid per lead, click thru, or sale.


All of the above can be done 100% free BUT you do need to make a start on your blogging AND update your blog regularly if you are going to make any money this way. I can promise you one thing, you won’t make a dime unless you take the first step.

Good luck

Site Admin

There are many other internet marketing free resources and tips over at my other site:
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