A Short Review of John Chow’s Blog

We Could All Learn a LOT About Blogging from this Fella

I just finished reading John Chow’s free ebook on how to make money from blogging. John is making $40,000 per month from his blog and related advertising.

Mr Chow has an impressive 60,000 subscriptions of his RSS feed. I have 4…lol….Only another 59,996 subscriptions to go. One subscriber at a time, eh?

John maintains a blog on how to make money online . Having been over there quite frequently recently, I have found a lot of interesting and highly useful information and tips. Being there has prompted me to review his blog.

You can also download his free ebook over at his blog. YES! It IS 100% free. 😯

John’s ebook is down to earth, straight-forward and packed with loads of information on how to become a successful blogger.

I rarely read an ebook from start to finish but there were that many gems to pick up on, that John’s work has been one of those that I read entirely from cover to cover – top to bottom, really. It’s in PDF format 😉 !

My long term plan is to grow this blog to the dizzy heights that John has reached in blogging. That will be no mean feat. It will take persistence, good writing skills and more than a little personality to even get noticed, let alone keep 1000s of readers coming back for more.

I believe John has been mega successful in the ‘make money online‘ market because he has provided loads of value to his reader, with his ability to present the information is his own unique way. He has a category on fine dining on a ‘make money’ blog. You can’t say that’s anything, BUT unique.

Look out soon for Site Admin ‘s Cuisine De Jour Culinary Delights! 🙂 Seriously though, no one else could do something like this, without appearing cheesy and a complete copycat.

If you’re gonna be unique or outrageous in your blogging, it MUST be completely natural and not forced in any way. It definitely would not be a great idea to copy the antics of another blogger.

You may have noticed that I’VE removed the squeeze page from the front page of my site. Visitors will now come directly to the blog when entering the site. I know that I’m gonna sacrifice some optin subscribers, sign ups and sales, but this is a sacrifice I’m willing to make in order to grow the blog long term.

I’m gonna make a habit of visiting sites like John Chow’s to pick up further tips and ideas. If you’re gonna learn some new skill, you may as well learn from the best.

The one gripe I have about the John Chow blog is the amount of ads over there, between popovers, peel away and footer ads.

I actually emailed him a couple weeks ago to point out that his popover could not be closed on smaller screen laptops – that I use from time to time. It wasn’t a complaint. More like some feedback in case he was losing some traffic to this irritation on entering his site. Not sure how much of his demographic this would affect. Clearly not a great lot, as he still has the same sized ad running.

I recently removed the footer ad from my blog because of a couple of instances of negative feedback within a few hours of adding it. I may install it again at a later time but for now I’d rather concentrate on building up some readership.

4 subscribers simply isn’t enough. John Chow, watch out!

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