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Given the amount of scams online, it is understandable that most newcomers are sceptical about the legitimacy of making money online. If you’re not a newcomer then I apologize for being presumptious.

When I first got the idea many years ago to research ways to make money online, I was first struck by the notion that with the amount of people coming online there had to be a way to market to these people AND make money. That was way back in 1999.

True it is much easier for scammers to ply their trade online but besides that I see the WWW as a gigantic marketplace with each website being a storefront. I suppose you get scammers in the offline market too. They are just more likely to get shutdown offline – and a lot faster too.

There are literally 100s of different ways and 1000s of legitimate companies through which you can make money online.

Many are free to join but at some stage down the line you likely will have to re-invest any earnings back in to growing your profits.

I personally didn’t go the free way but it IS possible. You’ll just have to work a lot harder. So, what you don’t invest in money, you do in time.

You don’t even have to own your own product or service. There are 1000s of companies that will pay you to promote and sell their products/services online. This is called affiliate marketing. was one of the first to introduce an affiliate program into their business and literally have 1000s of affiliates/agents selling their books from websites worldwide.

Why did you decide to look for an online income?

I started 10 years ago, made a few dollars here and there then finally had built my income to a degree that I was able to do this full-time in 2004 and have been doing it since.

Don’t believe any of the hype out there. It won’t happen overnight. I had to work hard to build my income but I do have an automated income that continues to come in whether I spend time online or not.

The free ebook I offer on the main page of this site outlines many ways that you can make money online. That should make the picture a little clearer for you. Click here to grab a copy.

I can’t do it for you but I’m certainly willing to answer any questions you have and try to guide you in the right direction.

Please use the comment box below – or answer the email I sent you earlier – to followup with further questions if you have them.

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