Is PPC Classroom a Scam? – Everything But, In My Opinion

Pay Per Click advertising is something that I have tried on and off over the years. I haven’t had fantastic success but no resounding failures either.

I’ve certainly improved my conversions but if I’m totally honest I prefer FREE search engines traffic. What do you do when you want some quick traffic though and don’t have the free organic traffic from Google and the other major search engines?

I’ve heard from some internet marketers, for the longest time, that PPC is a waste of time and that everyone loses money in it. I’ve even heard HORROR stories where students lost $20,000+ trying to learn PPC.

It was because of that that I stayed away…

Now, I just saw something that scratch my head and I’m wondering if we’ve been lied to?

Anik Singal and Amit Mehta released PPC Classroom last October and in just three months I’ve been hearing rumors of crazy stories coming out of there.

Students have been saying all over the net that it’s the best course they’ve ever been in. But, too bad the course has been closed for a few months and there is NO way to get in (you can’t even talk your way in).

Well, then I just saw something a few days ago – they’re re-opening!

But get this…

They have PROOF that their students are actually earning $4,234,789 a year already!

MILLIONS of dollars that NEWBIES are making. They have story after story of complete newbies that are now making up to $3,000 a DAY (within just a few months).

Download Their Free Report…

It’s pretty cool (and great marketing) that they just released a report that actually reveals the FIVE main reasons people fail in PPC.

I read the report in about 20 minutes…EXCELLENT.

All those horror stories make a lot of sense now.

Have a read – trust me, it’s one of the best free reports I’ve read in a while (these guys are known to really over-deliver and they definitely did here).

Grab your Free PPC Classroom Report Here

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