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EDC Gold may not be a scam but there are easier & more effective ways to make money online.

Every day I get top EDC leaders who are making thousands per month with EDC Gold asking me questions about what I have to offer and excitedly joining my team! If these heavy hitters who are already doing well are looking for an alternative to EDC, shouldn’t that raise a HUGE red flag?

Additionally, some EDCgold members are offering 50% discounts for people and on top of that qualifying them right away?! Heck, one guy even offered me to come in for only $100 fully qualified! This is a sure sign that a program is in trouble.

So why is this happening? Simple…they can see the writing on the wall. They see what is going on in EDC Gold and they are now looking for a fair, honest program with real value that has an earning potential of $20,000 to $80,000 in just a few short months. Bottom line, I have what they’re looking for and now I’d like to share it with you. It’s called The Perfect Wealth Formula and it’s creating a huge buzz on the internet.

Look, I won’t insult your intelligence by showing you pictures of big houses and fancy cars, but I will share with you testimonials from real people who are making
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I’ll Show You Exactly How To Make A Sale A Day With The Perfect Wealth Formula!

Wait! How about 10 sales per day?

That’s $4,000 in one day PLUS residual overide bonuses.
How would you like to make $4,000 per day on auto-pilot?

See why the Heavy Hitters in EDC Gold are securing their spot with my team?!

So Why Not EDC Gold, Easy Daily Cash Or Any Of Those 1Up And 2Up Programs?
Simple. It sucks to have to pass up sales!

Even worse: In those programs you can’t leverage your people to become your money making affiliates. If you bring in a guy who makes a sale or 2 a day, you only get his first 1 or 2 sales. THAT’S IT! BUMMER! You just lost money on all his other sales. Now, he’s your # 1 Competitor!

PLUS those programs are all saturated and distributors are clawing each other for members.

With our program you will learn not only to depend on yourself to make $17,000 a month, but also leverage that to $30,000 to $120,000 a month without doing any more than what you did the first month!


Why You Will Succeed With Our Top Income Earner Program …

Here’s a glimpse of the formula and why you’ll have no choice but to succeed

Targeted Traffic + Targeted Site = Money in the bank

That’s it. SIMPLE. We provide the Targeted Site, and Show you with step-by-step video turorials how to FLOOD it with Targeted Traffic. The end result is MAJOR MONEY in your pocket.

How to get 50 – 100 people to contact you per day for FREE!

The only way to do pay per clicks or else you’ll end up at the cleaners

How to get listed on the top 10 of google for FREE… it’s simple to do

How to generate traffic from blogs (think outside the box)

… and many more secret tips and advertising methods the heavy hitters will never reveal to you.

The program is affordable. So instead of losing prospects to a high ticket program, we’ve made ours affordable.

LEVERAGE is the key for making $20,000 to $30,000 a month.

We’ll give you the Perfect Edge to Kill the Competition and take their money, leaving them crying like a baby for it’s bottle!

With a Team of Marketing Geniuses on your side, making A Sale A Day is like pressing the easy button….

Easy Daily Cash Revealed

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Perfect Wealth Formula

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