An Internet Marketing Plan is a Must

You WILL Fail to Achieve Your Internet Marketing Goals if You Do Not Formulate a Plan for Success

I just received an email from a downline member who I can tell is extremely enthused about beginning their new home business.

This is great to see. I sincerely hope that her energy and excitement continues, and that she achieves her dreams and goals.

I have absolutely NO DOUBT that anyone who sets their minds to achieving a full-time income online can do it – IF they set out a plan and follow it persistently for as long as it takes.Internet marketing plan

If you look at it rationally you will quickly come to the conclusion that only YOU can determine whether you fail or not – by giving up. If you don’t give up you’ll eventually find success. You may not get there as quickly as you like but you’ll get there eventually provided you don’t leave this earth beforehand :-).

The lady who emailed me has a husband and young son. I can tell that she wants the best for them. That ‘best’ includes the dream of being able to work entirely from home and even take her laptop on the road, earning while she spends quality time with her family. Again, this is an achievable dream and she will get there if she takes on board some simple ideas…

Now, let me try to help those of you thinking of starting an Internet business get the gist of these ‘simple ideas’ –

The VAST majority of newcomers online fail because they fail to plan out their business or come with unrealistic expectations. They want everything too soon. They read the HYPE and BS online and believe what they read.

Do you know that I started earning a few dollars per month online in 1998 and wasn’t able to give up my offline job until 2004? I also spent $1000s in the process. I maxed out more than one credit card but I was so convinced that I could make a living online that I refused to give up.

This isn’t only my story but the story of countless other Internet marketers – many of whom are now making a fortune online today.

The ones who are still in the day job – probably telling others that the net is full of scams – are the ones who decided to give up and didn’t formulate a plan.

Many of the programs I promote have the potential to make you a lot of money online. They set out a process which you must follow in order to achieve certain goals. Buying a course and downloading the plan is only the first step. You’ve taken action! Now what?

Most every online course has the potential to break your credit card and YOU – if you don’t set out a plan.

The majority of Internet marketers will followup with emails after you join their customer list, encouraging you to sign up for other products and services. This is what Internet marketers do. They up-sell other stuff once they get you on board. This goes for free programs or those you have to pay for. Once you join their email list you can expect to receive offers.

Why do you think there are so many free offers online. You think it’s because Internet marketers are just sweet guys and gals who want to give away their products? Yeah, and the tooth fairy will leave money under your pillow every night too if you just keep pulling those teeth out. 😯

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH UPSELLING! It is not illegal nor unethical to send further offers to prospects or customers. It’s just business to these guys! I do it myself!

It is your job as a person with a plan to resist buying everything you are offered. I write this because the most common complaint I see in my inbox and on online forums, is that eager newcomers have spent $1000s and have nothing to show for it.Work from home

Do you have a budget? This is a BIG part of your plan. Let’s say you set aside $100 or $200 every month to buy products and services to grow your online business. You MUST resist all temptations to go over this budget. Your budget may be more or less the example above, you decide.

If you determine an affordable budget and keep making positive progress every month then you CANNOT fail.

Now let’s say you set a budget of $100 and end of spending $500. What do you think is gonna happen? Well, first of all you are going to be extremely annoyed at yourself, and maybe your spouse will be too. If you have used a credit card then you can add some interest(On the $500). The sum of the interest is going to have to be deducted from next months budget.

Secondly, you are going to start to get discouraged. You will start telling yourself that this business isn’t for you. Or worse, you will get bitter at those who sold you the product or service, failing to see that YOU made the decision to go over budget.

Before long you will have made so many excuses to yourself that you will just pack it in one day.

If you have set an affordable amount that you can comfortably spend every month, then you can go on forever and maybe even have some fun doing so. At some stage you will earn more than the budget you have set and so can put some of your profits back into your business.

You will also discover that your marketing resources grow through time. More marketing tools give you a better chance to achieve your financial goals – especially if you own automated software, which will save you time allowing you to concentrate on other areas of your business.


Another part of your plan should be to set a time to devote to your new business. It is especially evident in newcomers. They want to know everything at once. I was this way myself, so I know how it is.

If you spend 18 hours per day online everyday trying to digest everything that comes into your email inbox, then you will end up with nothing but confusion and a sore head 😕 . If you have been online for a while and have tried too hard at the beginning then you will know what I’m talking about.

Take it easy! In time you will learn exactly how Internet marketing works. You may even have a few great ideas of your own to grow your business. So, when you find yourself getting frustrated – reach for the ‘off’ button or close over that laptop.

Set a reasonable amount of time to spend online daily – especially if you have a family.

Once you have planned your time and money carefully and according to your situation then the rest is in the details.

What should you spend your time and money on? There is an ebook or two in answering that question – the web is full of them. You can find many resources, articles and ideas throughout this site. I am also available to answer your questions.

I suggest you find someone you can trust – a mentor – and follow their lead. There are many reputable Internet marketers online who cut through all the BS and tell it like it is. One thing about finding a mentor – if you are going to want their personal attention then it will cost you. Time IS money. It’s much cheaper to read what they have written and/or scrutinize their work.

No matter who you find though – even if they are a marketing genius and give you their flawless plan of action – the determining factor in your success or failure will be YOU and YOUR plan.

With a set plan to budget your time and money in hand you then need to formulate a plan for daily action. What do you plan to do to build your business every day?

Your daily marketing plan should contain at least a few of the examples below:

1. Write a blog post and publish it.

2. Write an article and submit it to the article directories.

3. Answer emails from interested site visitors or subscribers.

4. Submit your site or blog posts to social bookmark and other Web 2.0 sites.

5. Update and/or tweak your site design for better conversions.

6. Check your web stats and track any progress you have made.

7. Email your subscriber list, if you have one.

8. Build a number of back links to your site – 10, 20 or more daily.

This is just a short list of what you can do daily to help grow your business.

Any plan begins by taking the first step. You won’t know exactly what to do until you actually start doing it.

Looking at the steps above some people will find that they are turned off because they don’t actually want to work to achieve success. They want, but will never achieve, instant riches!

Many others though, will be enthused to get started. It’s people like you that I address. It’s people like you that WILL succeed in the end because you set out YOUR plan and work towards your goals on a daily basis.

Good luck and even greater success to you.

Step one of ANY online marketing plan should start with your own website:

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