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It isn’t difficult to set up your own home based business online but it does take work to make it successful.

The easy part is actually getting setup. Many interested prospects are terrified by the notion of setting up a website. I think most are unaware that it takes very little time and effort to do this. And, costs very little also 😯 .

An online business IS basically a website with content, usually with links to products and services. When it is seen in this light you can begin to see that ANYONE can make money online.

1. Setup a website.
2. Add content.
3. Link to products and services.

The products and services do not even have to be your own. 1000s of merchants online have setup affiliate programs for their wares. That means you can signup for their affiliate program and make commissions, as high as 75%, for selling their services and products on your site.

One of the biggest affiliate programs in Amazon. They have 1000s of affiliates selling their books online.

Affiliate products can be sold in any niche market imaginable. As more and more merchants see the profit potential in setting up an affiliate program to increase sales, the number of different markets that affiliate programs become available increases too.

So, you can virtually create a website on ANY topic and make money. It is always better to set up in a niche where you have an interest. That way it will be much easier to write content for this niche. You are more likely to become passionate around a subject that you have knowledge in too.

To register a domain name you should go to This will be your business name and usually costs around $10 per year. For hosting you can go here – Web Hosting – This costs $24.95 per month and will host your website. You can get hosting cheaper but this host allows you to make money by referring others. That’s why it’s my favourite.

Now that you have a domain name and web hosting you need to get someone to design your site. This can cost anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. I use a WordPress blog on many of my sites. WordPress is free and is a ready made website with a control panel for adding content. This blog is hosted by WordPress. I think it looks good! 😛 😎

If you want to avoid having to bother with the above to set up your own affiliate home business you can have someone do it for you. Click here for details to get your own website and home business newsletter in a box.

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Work at Home Ideas

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