Promoting a blog is Simple in Methodology But NOT Easy

There are no big secrets to promoting your blog, read on for some of the easiest, most effective strategies for driving targeted traffic to your blog…

From my own experience and from listening to other Internet marketers the most effective way to promote your blog is to simply make sure to post regularly.

There is no magic bullet! Google will eventually rank you for loads of different keywords that you couldn’t even imagine IF you make regular contributions to your site.

In essence there are only two things you need to build any website and drives 100s or even 1000s of daily visitors. Those two things are quality, UNIQUE content and some quality back links.

In the distant past, any back link would do, but it seems that Google is becoming more and more particular about exactly which sites are linking to you and the said sites’ current standing on the web.

A link to your business from an ‘Authority’ site will give you a greater rankings boost than a link from a regular run of the mill website.

Once you have made a commitment to making regular posts on your blogging platform then there are certain methods that you can use to help your web presence along.

Article marketing – Write an article and either manually submit it yourself or have an article submission service submit it to the most popular article directories. I use Submit Your Article service. If you’re going to manually submit then to save time only submit to the top 5-10 directories.

Directory submissions – Get a hold of some effective directory submission software like Directory Submitter and submit your site to as many online directories as possible. You can also pay companies to submit to directories for you. If you have the cash then this is the easiest way to go about it.

When submitting to directories use a variety of your main keyword phrases as your website title. Directories will usually use this title to link back to your site thus giving your blog a search engine position ‘point’ for the said phrase.

HINT: The more ‘points’ you gain for phrases that link to your site the higher you will reach in Google and other search engines for the targeted search phrases.

Forum posting – In order to increase direct traffic to your blog – rather than giving your search engine ranking a boost with back links – you can visit high traffic discussion forums and start posting helpful advice, with a link back of course to your site in the forum signature file. The signature file will appear at the end of each post.

Here’s a screenshot of my signature file(Highlighted) at the Warrior forum. Notice I use keyword phrases in the link text here too:

Blog promoting through discussion forums

Another way to increase back links and maybe get some direct traffic is by posting comments on other blogs. Now don’t make the stupid mistake of posting the same comment to every blog.

It amazes me how many halfwits post stupid comments to this blog making it blatantly obvious that they haven’t even read the post they’re commenting on 🙄 AND then expect me to publish them 😡 . If you make a genuine comments AFTER reading the posts then it will pay off. Set a target to post a certain amount of comments each day.

HINT: Choose blogs closely related to your own blog content. If you do use comment posting software to make your task easier use it only to find and locate posts that are relevant, then read the post and make an appropriate, different comment for each one.

These are just a few methods and tips that you can use to promote your blog. I will state again what I said in starting the post – MAKE SURE TO POST REGULARLY!

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