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Profiting from Google AdSense is Just Another Step by Step Process – Take the Steps, Make the Profits

In this three part series I am going to cover what you need to do to make money online with Google AdSense.

First of all though, I’d like to point out that creating an income through Google AdSense is only ONE WAY of monetizing your website. For many Internet marketers – myself included – it is only a fraction of monthly income.

You however, can make it as great or as little a part of your business as you choose. You can easily make a full-time income online from Google AdSense alone, either with one or multiple online content sites.

Finding a Niche

If you’re looking to make unbelievable money with AdSense, the first thing you need to do is find a niche.

A profitable niche should include the interest of yourself, possible viewers, and prospective advertisers.

In the past it would not have been THAT important to focus on the needs of advertisers, as they didn’t have a choice whether their Google ads appeared on your site or not.

Now though, Google AdWords’ clients can choose or deselect individual sites on Google’s content network. So, it is incumbent on you to create a quality site, IF you are looking for long term Google profits.

The niche you choose can either make or break your Google AdSense income.

A niche is simply defined as any area or subject of interest. The niche you pick should capture your interest and be something you enjoy exporing and writing about.

If your niche does not interest you, your lack of passion is going to come across in your writing. So, your readers are not going to stick around to read what you have to say.

Remember, if your niche holds your interest, it is much more likely to hold the interest of your readers. Once you select a niche that holds your interest, we can develop the interest of the viewer.

One way to increase the chances of finding a captive readership is to pick a niche that is current. Google Zeitgeist compiles a list of what is commonly searched in the past month and year, for the United States and several other countries throughout the world.

Use this powerful tool and you will be able to secure a niche that is current and drawing traffic.

Selecting a Profitable Niche

Companies spend millions of dollars a year in advertising, such as Google AdWords.

Therefore, companies will show you what niche is viable by the amount of advertisements in each niche. You can test this by entering your niche in the search bar of Google and seeing how many ad’s are in the right hand column. If there are only a few ad’s – say 1 or 2 pages, or less – the niche will not be current enough, nor have the traffic needed, to make it worth your while creating a site in this niche. There are bigger fish to fry!

Do any search on Google and you can find the paid for sponsored ads along the top and side of the search results page as below:
Google Adsense ad positions

If you find there are numerous ad pages for your prospective chosen niche, then you can mark this down as a possible choice.

There is one other thing to consider though…

What About the Competition?

If you are just getting started in Internet marketing or setting up your own online business, then it’s very important that you chose a niche that is not going to pose you too much difficulties in making it profitable – especially for your first website.

If you choose a niche at the low end of the scale – IE. it doesn’t have a lot of traffic – you can easily rank well in the search engines for the related keyword phrases. That way, you can grow in experience and confidence.

However, if you choose a niche market that has lots of competition you may spend months or even years trying to make gains on those high sought after, top Google ranking positions. 90% of people will give up long before any breakthroughs are made and/or their site becomes profitable.

Definitely better to opt for the low competition niches to start off.

Google external keyword research tool compiles a list of related keywords based on the keyword that is searched. It is important to analyze the results and pick keywords or keyword phrases that are 30,000 or below searches per month – just for your ‘starting out’ site.

If you choose keywords that are above 30,000 you are dealing with average competition. 100,000 and above searches then you are moving into shark territory, where the newcomer will get gobbled up by the competition.

When you gain more experience you can start moving up into the greater competition areas.

The above are only rough guides. You will never know for sure how difficult or easy it is to rank for certain niche keywords and phrases until you actually publish your content and start marketing your site.

Take Action Today

Take the information about niche selection, and run with the idea that you can make an incredible profit with AdSense.

‘Someday Soon’ doesn’t cut it in this business. You can read this stuff as often as you like or read 100s of ebooks on the topic, if you’re that way inclined. One thing is for sure though, you will NEVER profit with Google Adsense or any other online opportunity unless you actually take steps to publish your content.

The above information is basic. Everything else you need to know can be learned once you take the first step.

Tomorrow I am going to cover a simple way to publish your content and quickly earn some cash from Google AdSense ads.

In the meantime, I HIGHLY recommend you check out the site below for a realistic step by step guide on profiting from Google AdSense:

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