Maximising Your Google Adsense Clickthroughs and Profits

There ARE Steps You Can Follow to Ensure a Higher CTR on Your Ads

As touched on in Part two, your profits will be determined by the type of site, your niche, and also the placement of the Google AdSense ads on your site.

There are certain things you can do to ensure you get the most profits from your Google advertising.

Here are a few tips to increase Google Adsense CTRs(Click-trhough Rates):

1. Put Your Ads Where they Can Be Seen – This stands to reason. There are certain areas of your web page that will yield higher clickthrough rates than others. Generally, I put the ads above the fold and towards the top and right of the page.

On a WordPress blog good ad positions would be, below the header, above each post and in the right sidebar.

2. To Blend Your Ads or Not? –
In the past I have chosen ad colors and backgrounds to match the colors on my blog or website. The idea was, the more the ads blended in with the site design, the less they looked like ads, and the more likely visitors would click on them. This strategy will still work with certain websites.

Recently though I’ve discovered that it may be better to make your ads stand out. I discovered this by testing a template provided my Xfactor John in his
Adsense Masters Course. In recreating his template on one of my WordPress blogs I was able to dramatically increase the clickthrough rates. The template alone has been worth the investment expended for the report. I’ll write a report about this in a future post.

In order to determine what works best for your particular site, you need to test. It seems that the effectiveness of one strategy over another is determined by the niche or target market. The great thing about AdSense is, you can quickly determine through your stats which methods yield the highest clicks per visit.

3. Use Tried and Tested Ad Formats – First of all, choose ‘Text Ads Only’ which is set as the default, when setting up your ads. Banner ads will generally produce a lower clickthrough rate than text ads, and for this guide we’re all about profits. 😉

Usually, I only use 3 size of ads, unless I’m trying to minimise ad exposure – in which case I’ll use less obtrusive ads.

The three top preforming ads I use are the 336×280 Large Rectangle, the 728×90 Leaderboard(Also seen in the image below) and the 160×60 Wide Skyscraper(For the WordPress sidebar).

I have also used the 468×60 Banner at the bottom of my blog posts from time to time. These ads are less obtrusive but unsurprisingly click throughs are very low too.

The MOST effective ad is the 336 x 280 Large Rectangle you can see above my blog post in the image below. The header ad works good too:
High Clickthrough Google AdSense ads

I do use the AdSense Link units on one or two sites – and RSS feed ads too – but my profits from these are negligible. So In all honesty, I don’t pay too much attention to these ads. I’m open to suggestions though, if you’d like to leave your comments below.

4. Limit Your Visitors’ Options – If you have a lot of other links, banners, or an email opt in form on your site, you are reducing the chances of your site visitors clicking on your ads. The less options you leave on your page, the better for profiting from AdSense. Ideally your page should only contain the content, 2 or 3 links in the sidebar to other content, plus your ads.

5. Place Only ONE Ad Per Page – Google allows only 3 ads per page anyhow, but your share of advertising profits will increase the less ads you have on each page. One ad therefore, will give you the greatest share of the profits.

In Conclusion:

Google AdSense is an easy way to add a further income stream to your site, or as a stand alone method for building a full-time income from home.

Whether you set up sites specifically to make money from AdSense, or as merely an extra earner for an established site, you should at least test out the different ads to find a format that meets your requirements.

Your options are open with Google AdSense.

Maximise Your Profits to the LIMIT with this Step By Step Guide

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