Discover Your Search Engine Ranking Progress Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is Better than Many Paid Tracking Tools
Do You Know Where You Rank on Google and the Other Search Engines?

Here’s how…

The easiest way to find out how you are doing in the search engines is to install Google analytics on your site.

This will give you a comprehensive view of how each individual page on your site is ranking, with a list of keyword phrases showing areas where you have made progress. To find out exactly what position you hold you basically click through on the link from Google analytics and you’ll be taken straight to the corresponding page on Google.

Of course this method also applies to all the other search engines, yahoo, msn etc. etc.

Click Here to signup for Google analytics.

Once you’ve signed up you need to install the Analytics code on each page of your site. If you’re using a blog platform like WordPress you simply add this code into the footer.php file of your WordPress theme. For example if you are using the ‘Default’ theme then you would navigate to /wp-content/themes/default. Then open the footer.php file and add the Google analytics code just about the lt;/bodygt; tag.

If you are using a static html site then you will have to add the code to each page that you wish to track. Again, add the code just above the lt;/bodygt; tag for each page.

The Google analytics code looks much like the code below, with your own unique tracking number:

<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
_uacct = “UA-123456-7?;

The great thing about Google analytics is it’s 100% free and is much more detailed in tracking than any paid services I have ever found.

It’s extremely important to track your progress in any Internet marketing endeavor. Obviously if you are paying for advertising of any kind then you want to track the results. GA is a perfect way to do this. There really is no reason why you shouldn’t install this code on your site.

Not only will it track your search engine ranking but you can virtually track anything happening on your site, ie. length of time spent on pages, % of bounces(That is number of visitors who leave directly from the main page without staying or visiting any other links on your site), Geo location of visitors, and many other important website visitor tracking variables.

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Please remember that gaining top rankings for your main site keyword phrases takes a little bit of work but you are sure to reap the benefits of persistently targeting the right keyword phrases, coupled with building quality backlinks to your site.

You’ll never know how well you’re doing however, without proper tracking of those phrases. So, do yourself a big favor and install Google analytics today.

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