Link Building – How Many Links are Required?

Some Tips on Numbers when Starting Out Your Link Building Campaign

How many links required to make an impression on your ranking in Google and the other major search engines, will mainly depend on the search phrases you are targeting. Also, the quantity and quality of the competition that you need to beat to achieve a top search engine ranking.

When I first started out building my business it was enough to build loads of reciprocal links with others sites. At one stage I had a couple thousand reciprocals. Today it seems that Google – and maybe the other major search engines too – are more concerned with the quality of the links, rather than quantity.

One-way links are favored over reciprocal links basically because they are more difficult to achieve and appear more of a natural process than reciprocal links.

A few well sourced links from authority sites will likely grab you a top spot for a ‘long tail’ keyword phrase in a less competitive niche. There is no exact science but from my own experience, usually less than 10 links is enough, providing the sites that you link from are well established sites with good Google page rank.

You can check the number of links to yourself and competitors using the tool below:
Link Popularity Check

If you are going after very competitive terms then there is no telling how many it will take as,. Again, it depends on how many competitors are targeting the same phrase. It may take 50, 100 or maybe even 1000 backlinks. For example if you were targeting a phrase like ‘Online gambling’ it may take forever to make an impact for that search phrase.

Hint: When targeting a search phrase through backlinks don’t always use the exact same phrase as link text. Mix it up a little every 5-10 links.

For example if you were targeting the phrase ‘work at home opportunities’ change it to ‘work at home programs’ then maybe ‘work at home businesses’. This is called LSI.

I believe Google is becoming more and more efficient at spotting unnatural link building strategies. Mixing up your search terms in accordance with LSI will look more natural and will benefit you long-term as all the other link builders begin to lose their positions.

On the subject of ‘natural’ link building, IF you provide quality content then naturally other site owners are going to post links back to your pages or blog posts. This is something to keep in mind when starting any website or business.

Quality content is going to win over every time. I believe, after many years, that concept is beginning to finally sink in. 😉

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