How Is It Possible to Make Money online By Giving Stuff Away Free?

Corne from South Africa asks:
How do you make money if everything offered here is free?


Thanks Corne for your question. Well, firstly, not everything offered on this site is free but many of the opportunities – and even products – can be accessed free.

My Free 53 page ebook is indeed FREE – no catches. I benefit though, by putting some links in the ebook back to my site. So, hopefully those that download it will come back here to revisit and maybe in time buy something through the links I have here.

IF they buy anything through the links on this site I make a commission on the product or service. I am an affiliate marketer. That means I get paid for selling the products and services of others.

I’ll let you in on a secret, online marketers have realized for a long time now that giving away ‘FREE’ stuff is a ‘magic’ way of actually selling more products AND – the more value they give in their freebies – the more sales they make, long-term.

I don’t know if I should be giving away these SECRETS, but I’m going to anyway;)

I don’t see anything wrong with this marketing strategy, EVERYONE wins.

For example, Jeff Dedrick has just released a new product. I’ve been given access to this product area in exchange for promoting it. I can tell you that he could have sold the product in itself for $100s. In actuality, he’s giving it away for the price of Shipping and Handling – $2.95 if I remember correctly. Click here for details on that if you like.

How can he do this? – you may ask. He can do this because he stands to make much more from sales of related products once people jump on board with the S%H deal. Of course, no one is under any obligation to buy his other products BUT they WILL do so. A certain % always do – unless of course his ‘hook’ product is so crap that his new customers run a mile. That ain’t gonna happen though because he’s offering some great stuff and for $2.95(or thereabouts) it’s a no-brainer.

The above strategy is used with freebies too. If you give value in your free offer then you may gain a customer for life, later down the line. Giving value to a person is a very effective way of doing online business.

If I give you a $300 product for nada. You bet you’re gonna be my friend for life. So the free or nearly free method helps establish trust too PLUS strengthen the relationship between customer and product owners.

Sometimes too, marketers will offer a product FREE for a month. Why? They know that a % aren’t gonna cancel after a month, so again, they stand to gain. So, just remember to cancel those subscriptions before the months end – unless of course you find the service of value.

So when you see ‘FREE’, someone is always making some money, somewhere down the line.

The funny thing is that even though I know how the game works I still go for the offers and many times buy more or continue my subscriptions after the free period ends. The reason I do so is because having taken the freebie I see the value in the product and continue as a customer.

Now that you know how it works too, get out there and grab yourself some free products, but keep your Credit card handy, just in case;)

Good luck!

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