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First off I would like to thank you for making this information public. I have two children and have been looking for a way to stay home with them for several years.

I recently lost my job and in the area I live jobs are few and far between at the moment. I need a change and quick as the bills are starting to pile up. I read the PDF file you offered and I would love to get started right away.

The main question I have right now is, how do you find Affiliates? Again, thank you for all the information you have already given me and I look forward to working with you.

Hi Constance

I’m glad you found my free ebook useful.

Your situation is typical of many people coming online now looking for a second income or to replace their income due to losing their jobs.

When you ask “how do you find Affiliates?” I presume you mean how do you refer people to programs like SFI and My World Plus.

If not please clarify in the comments field below.

Anyway, basically the methods are the same whether you are promoting your own products or working as an affiliate for any online company. The secret is to get targeted traffic to your website and plenty of it.

There are many ways to market online. I have written an article over at my Internet Marketing site outlining the most effective ways to advertise online:
Best Forms of Online Advertising

I cannot possibly cover all the fine details. So you will need to research in finer detail everything that I write about. The best place to do this is at places like the Warriors Internet Marketing Forum. Some of the most experienced and highest earning internet marketers in the world frequent this forum. Most importantly you will find more useful info there than you will find in any ebook or online course. It’s that good AND it’s FREE!

With a young family to provide for you need to be careful where you spend your money. So, my advice to you would be to choose ONE program at low cost or FREE and focus all your efforts in that direction. Don’t make the mistake of joining multiple opportunities expecting that doing so will increase your chances of earning. Focus and persistence is the key!

You can make a few extra dollars with programs like Cash Crate but if you are looking for something residual and more long term income then you aren’t going to get it with a Offers program like Cash Crate.

There is an excellent program that I just reviewed called Adsense Masters Course. This course shows step by step how to set up websites to make money through Googles’ Adsense advertising program. If you’re completely new to online business then you won’t just jump in and start building sites but the great thing about this course is that John really does show step by step how he has done it.

Another program that I recommend is the Niche Power Group. Again, this program revolves around setting websites up for profit. I was once a mentor at this site, so I know the guys are 100% dedicated to helping memebrs reach their objectives.

First you need to decide what program you are going to join – doesn’t have to be any of the above – but do decide. Once you have decided on your program, set out a plan. If you are going to invest some cash from the beginning then set out a specific amount for each month and don’t go over this budget. Then devote an amount of time every day to devote to your new business.

Write down your goals too!

If you expect to be rich within a month or two then believe me, you are going to be disappointed.

Anyone just coming online should set a target for 6 months to a year to learn the business and implement a profitable strategy. Those who plan to fail, fail to plan. If you have set out a careful plan first off, then you dramatically increase your chances of success.

This is a basic outline. I hope I’ve given you enough though to think about. Please ask specific questions in the comments box below or by emailing me.

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