I know this may be the first time some of you have heard this term or maybe some of you have heard this term but couldn’t quite understand what the heck your Coach or Mentor was talking about.

Here’s the actual definition as found in

“An often used technique for affiliate marketers. By seeking out smaller segments of larger markets, a website can be developed and promoted quickly to uniquely serve a targeted and usually loyal customer base, giving the affiliate a small but regular income stream. This technique is then repeated across several other niche websites until a desired income level is achieved.”

Yeah, I know just a bunch of words with no real meaning? Or maybe its still not quite clear in your mind what they’re referring to? Nothing wrong with admitting that you may not understand it. I know Coaches and Mentors who don’t quite understand it as well…and they’re the professionals right? Wrong!! Why do I say they are wrong, because if they were right, why am I inundated with request for website analysis from 4 times as many clients this year as I conducted last year?
Take a guess what was the single biggest problem I found in over 90% of 215 websites I analyzed the past two years? “Not Enough Traffic” So my argument is this…if so many of us Coaches and Mentors and even Guru’s are the professionals…why are their so many websites in dire need of resusitation?

Lets break down the definition we found at “Online Niche Marketing” into its specific parts and then you’ll see why so many websites are lacking even just a little traffic.

1. A technique for Affiliate Marketers: What we do to earn money online is by instituting a “technique” whereby we find a niche market, find vendors who provide an affiliate program for products that satisfy our niche, we build our website with niche quality content along with text links and dynamic(html coded)links and then we market and promote our website on different levels. Sounds easy enough right? Lets continue on….

2. Seeking out smaller segments of larger markets: Now we get to why so many websites are in dire need of resuscitation! Over 90% of the websites I analyzed in the last two years had anywhere from one word to as much as 20 keywords earmarked as their “primary” keywords. First, I entered these words in a keyword research tool and found an average of over 2 million in competition. Secondly, I entered thees words in an Organic search thru Google, Bing and Yahoo and found even more than 2 million for “each” word. Why so much competition? Because they were using very broad and therefore extremely competitive keywords. You think they’ll ever get to the first page of an Organic search result? Think again!! Niche quality keywords that I refer to are words that have low competition and a reasonable amount of traffic/visitors. If you’re not reviewing at least 1,000 keywords then you are not doing keyword research thoroughly enough to find those little nuggets for your website. Continue on….

3. Uniquely serve a targeted and usually loyal customer base: By conducting keyword research and finding these nuggets of niche quality keywords you will find the “targeted” and usually “loyal” customer base. There is no other way you can find these targeted and loyal customer base. Believe me, I have tried to find easier and more efficient ways of find these niche’s…..and I still have not found a better way. Using a really good keyword research tool is key. The amazing thing you will find by finding those niche keywords is that these clients often are repeat clients…coming to your website again and again and buying over and over.

4. Affiliate earns a small but regular income stream: We all want to make money! However, if you believe you’re going to make a ton of money on one website overnight, think again. Most of us who have a successful internet business make a reasonable amount of money on each of our websites and then combined we make a comfortable living. Whats a good barometer to go by? If your new, say 6 months or less…if you’re making anywhere between $100 to $250 a month, your doing comfortable. If you’ve been doing this from 6 months to a year you should be making around $500 to $1,000 a month. If you’ve been doing this for well over a year you should be making anything over $1,000. This is the catch…Per Website!! Which leads me to the next item….

5. Technique is then repeated across several other Niche Websites: If you’re making $250 per website and you have 4 niche websites then you would be making $1,000. The technique is designed so that you create multiple websites…not just one solo website. I have had some clients who have been able to make that kind of money on one website, but come on…that’s an exception. Most successful Affiliate/Internet Marketers create income and profits from their business thru several websites and thru several levels and platforms. The key is to repeat the success of one website and then keep repeating the same set up with different “niche markets.”

In closing, concentrate on finding that “niche market”….not so much a “product.” If you continue to think of it in terms a “product” you will miss the most important ingredient an Affiliate Marketer needs to make money, a really good Niche Market. Finding a niche market is not as difficult as you may think. On average I have taught clients how to find a niche market within a week!!

Richard Cano

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