Help Starting a Home Business

For the purposes of this blog post I am going to show how easy it is getting top ranking for keyword phrases that have little competition in the search engines.

The keyword I have chosen for this purpose is the term ‘help starting a home business’. The actual term was ‘help starting a business’ but I have added ‘home’ into the equation because that is the field that we work in.

Choosing the right keywords is a very important aspect of setting up any online business. You may think that such terms will have little or no traffic. It’s true that they may get little traffic but if they are appearing in the list of search terms that you have queried through certain keyword utilities then someone is searching google and the other major SEs using these phrases.

At this point I am just writing a blog post and already I have used the main keyword phrase, ‘help starting a home business’ a couple of times. You may also want to add variations of the keyword phrase like, ‘help getting started online’.

I copy the keywords into the tags fields at the bottom of my posts because I use a tool called Auto Social Poster to automatically post each of my blog articles to over 30 Social Bookmarking sites using the tags I put in the tag fields.

It also adds weight to your keyword phrases by adding bolding to your phrases as I have just done.

I usually write a blog post of between 400-600 words.

It has to be said that this strategy will not work on a brand new blog. You have to have already added some unique content to your blog over a period of around 1-2 months. I have used this strategy on blogs as little as 4 weeks old and have seen results.

I am confident that I will see a top ranking in the major search engines for this keyword phrase ‘help starting a home business’ in as little as 2-3 days.

For more information on this strategy you can grab my Blog and Bookmark special report at the link below:
Blog and Bookmark strategy:
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I will now add a few more tags to the list below before adding this post to a few categories to the right before publishing.

In a further video I will publish the results of this experiment. Let’s hope it does well 😉

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