Do you celebrate Halloween where you are?

It didn’t become a big thing here in Ireland until a few years ago. Now we’ve got the whole shebang – flashing pumpkins, kids knocking the door down every few minutes trick or treating, party games and loads of alcohol(The Irish stereotype is definitely true in some part) 😉

My youngest kid had his Halloween party today at his nursery school(You’d call that ‘Kindergarten’ if you’re in the U.S).

Yesterday he was excited to be going to the party as Buzz Lightyear. This morning things were different, and he didn’t don his brand new super hero suit willingly.

You see, our youngest isn’t the happiest 3 year old when he first awakens in the morning – definitely a chip off the old block. He had to be virtually shoe horned into the suit…lol

He soon came around though as we approached the school gates…the next I heard he was ‘flying’ round the classroom with some of the other kids. 🙂

Toy Story is one of my favorite flicks of all time. My wife and I watched the first two parts again at the weekend, with the kids. We enjoyed 1 & 2 as much as ever.

I can hardly wait ’til Toy Story 3 comes out next year.

You can see the trailer below:

Great stuff! Hope you enjoyed it. It comes out June 2010. By that time, all three of our kids will have definitely moved on to some NEW superheroes.

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